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It’s about time Pakistan gets Apple Pay

Payment options have revolutionised thanks to advancements in technology but unfortunately like in every field Pakistan is behind. In the world, financial transaction systems such

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Fake News Seh Baz Ajao!

We are living in a world where news is fast and there is breaking news every few seconds. In this battle of breaking the latest

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The Curse of Excessive Empathy

In Pakistan, there is a clear class difference and it is crystal clear and visible on the streets. I don’t know if this feeling is

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Military Courts: What is it all about?

In recent days, there is a debate regarding military courts and the consequences of trying out civilians and the legality around that. For any part

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Syria’s Return to Arab League: Brief View of how will it change the Region

The wind of change has swept the Arab region. Syria, once ignore and dusted by the Arab states is back in the political arena of

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Living a Life as an Atheist in Pakistan

Religion has always been something private for me. In Pakistan there is one group that has always been living underground and is rarely talked about

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Dealing with Desi-Parents: Gotta do it!

A lot of us face the challenge of dealing with our parents daily and it can get tough. Dealing with parents and getting along with

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Is Imran Khan the New Establishment?

The match is on between Imran Khan and the current Chief of Army Staff, Asim Munir. Our political history is full of conflicts between the

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It’s Okay for Men to Cry: End the Toxic Masculinity

So we live in a world where things can get a bit rough sometimes, in the process of battling it out, emotionally it can get


Lahore Necklace: A Brief History

During the recent coronation of King Charles, one aspect that people are talking about is the necklace that Camelia was wearing. The coronation necklace was