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Time for a change: Sindh govt to launch only-women taxis

What happened: On Thursday, Sindh Transport Minister Sharjeel Memon announced a separate taxi service for women as the Sindh government has taken the initiative to


Creating chaos: Passenger opens the plane’s door mid-flight

What happened: Vice reported that a man was arrested after pulling a lever to open the emergency exit door of an Asiana Airlines flight in


What happened: Pakistan has a very high illiteracy rate along with poverty and inflation. Our country’s education system is failing as according to this Twitter


FIA tightens noose around overseas Pakistanis

What happened: As per ARY News, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has tightened its noose around “overseas Pakistanis” over their alleged involvement in committing offenses

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People are now using AI to talk to their dead loved ones

What happened: People process sadness and grief in different ways. And with the rise of AI, some people are using technology to deal with the


Is your brain worthy of implantation? Elon’s firm is ready to perform human trials

What happened: Elon Musk’s Neuralink has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to conduct a clinical study involving brain implants. What you


Facebook owner Meta hit with record €1.2 billion fine over data transfers

What happened: Reportedly, Facebook owner Meta has been given a record around €1.2 billion fine for breaching European Union privacy rules.Details: As per Vice News,


Singaporean woman makes mini homes for community cats to live

What happened: The people of Singapore love their community cats, but one lady took it to the next level. She created a decorated cardboard home


From slum girl to a model: This teenager becomes the face of a luxury brand

What happened: Maleesha Kharwa is a fourteen-year-old girl who lives in Dharavi, a suburb of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. This young girl has become the face


Vaping vs smoking: Which is the lesser of two evils for the cool kids?

Let’s talk about Gen-Z smoking and pretending to look cool, but trust me, you are putting your life in danger. That is not cool! Teenagers