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I spent my childhood in Saudi Arabia and it feels like I am missing out on a lot now

Nostalgia is subjective to each individual. We always say that everyone has a special attachment to the place where they are born. Regardless of any

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From baking pretzels to pakoras, this home-based German baker is a hidden gem of Karachi

Angelika Schwarbäcker’s journey from southern Germany to Karachi, Pakistan, is a tale of culinary passion and cultural fusion. Through her delectable creations, she brings a

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We visited Lahore’s hidden bakery whipping up insta-famous desserts (that too in a pretty clean environment)

Lahoris are all about finding new bakeries and trying out the latest food trends. But as a Lahori, I always tend to struggle with finding

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This female entrepreneur in Lahore has launched a purple-themed cafe and it’s freaking awesome

Dr. Sonia Ahmed, a renowned entrepreneur has launched “Purple Jane Cafe” (@purplejanecafe) in Fairways Commercial, DHA Raya Phase 6. The purple themed cafe offers a

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This bakery in Lahore is training low-income women to become professional bakers and it’s awesome

Go Flour is a bakery located in Goldcrest Mall, DHA Lahore. The bakery has been the talk of the town ever since its opening due

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Ever heard of a Doritos chaat? Lahore’s famous eatery makes samosas but elevated

The Monsoon season in Lahore calls for the perfect, hot samosa. Although there are numerous samosa joints in the city, making fresh samosas all day,

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Costa Diaries – Is it worth spending over a thousand rupees for a cup of coffee?

Costa Coffee is a world famous UK-based chain that has recently come to Pakistan. The coffee shop has gained great popularity among Lahoris and Karachiites

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Pakistan’s existential foreign policy crisis

It’s been 75 years since Pakistan came into being and we are still not sure whether to choose the US-west block or the Russia-China block

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I tried beef steak from Bovinoes and Gauchos. Here’s my honest opinion

Being a sucker for beef steak, I am always on a quest to find places serving good quality steak at an affordable price. Steaks are

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Are air fryers healthy? The risks and benefits of air frying

Air fryers have become very popular in recent years. The idea of enjoying our favorite meals that can be crisped up in little to no