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Dream, Plan, Innovate and Let’s #MakePakistanEpic

In a world beset by challenges, Samsung Pakistan has emerged as a beacon of hope, determination, inspiration, and resilience for its nation. Through its endeavors,

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Here are 7 local businesses in Lahore serving the best Lasagna for those who are Italian at heart

Lasagna is a traditional Italian dish that is made with stacked layers of flat pasta sheets, meat or vegetable sauce, cheese, and other ingredients. There

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Here are 5 online businesses making Cargo pants to make a breezy summer statement

Cargo pants are a style of pants that are known for their multiple pockets and utilitarian design. They were originally designed for military purposes but

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Is the trend of luxurious Eid attire dying?

The approach of Eid ul Adha has us yearning for fabulous yet affordable suits. But gone are the days when luxury designer labels used to


It’s about time Pakistan gets Apple Pay

Payment options have revolutionised thanks to advancements in technology but unfortunately like in every field Pakistan is behind. In the world, financial transaction systems such

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Is Outfitters alluring its customers with pretty photoshoots?

Recently, Outfitters, a popular clothing brand, held a sale that caught the attention of many customers, myself included. With the noticeable increase in Outfitters’ regular

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COLABS Collaborates with GharPar to Commemorate Mother’s Day

Lahore, Pakistan – In a heartwarming tribute to Mother’s Day, COLABS, one of the largest flexible coworking spaces in Pakistan, teamed up with GharPar, a

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Juice industry demands withdrawal of 10% FED as volumes plunge by 45%

There has been a 45% decrease in March and April 2023 volumes for the formal packages juice industry due to the implementation of 10% FED

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The harmful impact of big brand labels on small homegrown businesses

It’s undeniable that big brand labels like Khaadi and Outfitters have a significant advantage over small homegrown businesses when it comes to mass-producing products. They

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What did the last 3 days cost Pakistan?

What happened: The last three days have been very taxing for everyone, from daily wagers to ones with offices in high rises, from freelancers to