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This 20 year-old represented Pakistan in a beauty pageant which proved to be the best experience for her

Who is Aneesa Sheikh: Aneesa Sheikh is a 20 year-old Pakistani-American who is currently pursuing a dual degree in economics and Communications at the University

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The history of banned films and censorship of cinema in Pakistan

In the name of free speech, we’re calling for cinema censorship. What you need to know: Cinema is considered the greatest art form in the


Maldives’ floating breakfast is nothing but a waste of money…

We’ve all heard a lot about Maldives’ floating breakfast. Tourists have shared their beautiful and mesmerizing pictures on their Instagram handles, enjoying quality time in


Some people are truly mosquito magnets and provide the perfect picnic spot for the mosquitos! 

What happened: In a recent study by TheGuardian, the researchers found that “Some people are mosquito magnets and it probably has to do with the way they


A Lithuanian man stole $122 million from Facebook and Google by sending fake invoices

What happened: Back in 2019, a Lithuanian man managed to steal $99 million from Facebook and 23 million dollars from Google with a plan. The plan


Maniha Hashmi becomes Pakistan’s first Fulbright Scholar at Coumbia University

What happened: In a LinkedIn post shared by Maniha Hashmi, it quoted, “As a 19-year-old kid on an exchange semester who happened to pass by Columbia on


Halloween season: 5 daycare workers face felony charges for scaring kids with ‘Scream’ masks’ 

What happened: After a video went viral of a daycare centre in Hamilton, Mississippi, where the workers were seen taunting children while wearing a mask similar


Devastation by flood continues: Portions of the Great Wall of Sindh collapse

What happened: One of the worst kinds of floods that hit Pakistan has left devastating impacts, as some parts of Ranikot Fort in Jamshoro have collapsed


Vaccines that can treat cancer may be ready by 2030, claim the Covid vaccine-makers 

What happened: According to the Covid vaccine-maker BioNTech, “The world could only be a few years away from a cancer vaccine… We feel that the cure for


A 7th grade Cadet College Murree student allegedly gang-raped

What happened: In what comes in as a piece of shocking news, Tribune quotes the police investigation as, “Police investigate 12-year-old’s rape, college descends into disorder.” An FIR