June 14, 2022

Meet Faizan Sameer: the UEFA-certified manager who won’t settle unless Pakistan gets in FIFA World Cup

Recently, Team Propergaanda reached out to Faizan Sameer (@faizan.sameer), the manager of Team Eighteen who garnered everyone’s attention for becoming the 1st Pakistani to complete UEFA’s football management certificate course, that too with a distinction! Despite wide interest in the sport among youth, football keeps getting ignored by national authorities, but Faizan Sameer here has […]

May 19, 2022

European journal says 9 million people die because of pollution every year

What happened: According to a research of global mortality and pollution levels published in The Lancet Planetary Health journal, an estimated 9 million people die each year from various types of pollution. Details: An increase in hazardous lead poisoning and rising air pollution cancelled out any gains made elsewhere in the fight against pollution. According […]

April 2, 2022

Here’s why Seraiki poet Dr. Ashu Lal refused to accept Pakistan’s highest literary award of Rs.1 million

What happened: Dr Ashu Lal, a well-known Seraiki poet and writer, declined to accept the Rs1 million Kamal-i-Fun Award given by the Pakistan Academy of Letters. In a Seraiki post, Dr. Ashu Lal announced his refusal to receive the honour on social media, “I express my gratitude to friends. I refuse to accept the award. […]

March 28, 2022

This 101-year-old man received his high school diploma after 80 years!

What happened: On March 19, Merrill Pittman Cooper, a 101 year-old student at Storer College in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, from 1934 to 1938, finally got his high school certificate after more than 80 years of waiting. Cooper dropped school during his senior year when his family moved to Philadelphia for financial concerns, according to […]

March 26, 2022

Saudi Arabia will now see women as private border guards

What happened: On March 24, Saudi Arabia opened registration for females to join the Border Guards at the rank of private, according to Arab News. The interior ministry’s General Department of Central Admission would accept applications for admission through the Absher portal’s jobs area from March 26 through March 31. Details: The Saudi Ministry of […]

February 25, 2022

Here’s why Pakistan saw a hike in gold prices after Ukraine’s invasion; petroleum surge expected next

What happened: On Feb 24, gold prices in Pakistan rose to Rs.130,300 per tola (2.6%) as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine heightened fears of a European war and drove investors away from risky assets and into safe-haven assets. Meanwhile fuel prices in Pakistan may also rise again due to global oil prices soaring to $105 per […]

December 3, 2021

If you’re living in Pakistan, here are 9 news updates for you.

A lot has been happening in Pakistan these days. Here are 9 events for you to catch up on and keep you updated.  1.Skardu’s international flights: What happened: The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) declared that the Skardu airport will begin operating as an international airport today, following its elevation to international status. The airport was upgraded with the […]

December 2, 2021

Male elephant at Safari Park discovered to be female after 12 years

What happened:  German veterinarian Dr. Frank Goritz presented a report to the SHC on Tuesday. It revealed that one of the four elephants at Safari Park, Karachi formerly thought to be male turned out to be a female. The revelation was made during a check, Details:  The overall physical condition of the four African elephants at Karachi Zoo […]

November 29, 2021

5 outdoor Chai Dhabas in DHA Lahore offering cozy winter ambiance

Winter nights call for coffee or tea outdoors. But you’re not always in the mood for a fancy coffee place where you have to go in Jeans(wink wink). So here are 5 cheap Chai dhabas in and near DHA Phase 5 offering the best ambience with a cup of chai. Chai Hujra Chai Hujra has […]

November 27, 2021

Punjab is now a polio-free province

What happened: Punjab is declared polio-free. All environmental samples obtained from sewerage water tested negative on Friday. Details: Punjab Chief Minister, Sardar Usman Buzdar says it is a significant success for the province administration. He says its a result of Allah Almighty’s blessings and a positive outcome of teamwork. He praised the provincial health department […]

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