June 30, 2022

Bhawalpur doctor assaulted by ex-husband’s cousin in police station

What happened: A man was seen brutally hitting a female doctor at a Bahawalpur police station, in surveillance video. The assaulter, identified as Adeel, can be seen hitting a woman as she collapses to the ground after being struck many times. The woman is still on the ground and is attempting to defend herself. Click […]

June 30, 2022

New Delhi residents threw this thief (who was trying to break in their house) a birthday party

What happened: In Sept, 2021, several people of a community in New Delhi saw at least three unknown individuals attempting to break into an apartment. Two of the burglars were able to flee the area, while the third one, a minor, was apprehended by apartment residents. According to reports, the terrified thief informed the society […]

June 22, 2022

This Egyptian student was stabbed in broad daylight for saying ‘NO’ to a man

What happened: The murder of Naira Ashraf Abdel Qader, who was stabbed to death in front of horrified witnesses and in full view of security cameras, has shaken Egypt. After a footage was recorded of the victim being stabbed repeatedly in the neck and torso at the Mansoura University entrance, people are requesting netizens to […]

June 21, 2022

Pakistani musicians hit it off the park with their 1st ever Boiler Room stream

What happened: Boiler Room, a London-based online music platform, launched its first-ever broadcast in Pakistan on June 20 at 7 p.m. It was billed as a “celebration of Pakistani music.” The independent performers brought their distinct flair to one of the world’s top streaming platforms for live performances, stitching together EDM with folk melodies and […]

June 21, 2022

Karachiites protest worked as SHC orders immediate demolition of Frere Hall gate

What happened: The Sindh High Court ordered the immediate destruction of a gate placed at the Frere Hall Gardens’ boundary on June 20. While hearing a case regarding new constructions at Karachi’s famous Frere Hall and other heritage monuments, the court issued directives. Details: The court ordered the immediate destruction of the freshly constructed entrance […]

June 18, 2022

Doctor and her husband saved a drowning boy in Naltar via on-spot emergency CPR

What happened: On June 14, a doctor and her husband gave emergency medical treatment to a 14 year-old boy  who had fallen in a lake in Gilgit-Naltar Baltistan’s region. Back story: The boy identified as Arif Khan was grazing cattle when he fell into the Satrangi Lake, and his uncle Tariq Mir, 17, leaped into […]

June 17, 2022

Posters put up by Taliban says ‘Women who do not cover bodies with hijab are trying to look like animals’

What happened: An official revealed on June 16 that the Taliban’s religious police had put up posters in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar saying that Muslim women who do not wear a headscarf that totally covers their bodies are “trying to look like animals.” Details: Since taking power in August, the Taliban have put […]

June 17, 2022

Musharraf might return to Pakistan after all as his family awaits doctors’ go-ahead

What happened: The federal government has given the go-ahead for ailing former military ruler General (retd) Pervez Musharraf to return to Pakistan as soon as the legal prerequisites are met. The former military ruler has been living in Dubai since 2016. Details: Tribune reported that, according to sources familiar with the situation, the former president’s […]

June 17, 2022

Did Miftah Ismail really spend Rs 4.8 million on his government residence?

What happened: ARY News reported on June 16 that Finance Minister Miftah Ismail allegedly spent Rs4.8 million from the national exchequer to repair his government property. Details: Ismail, who is among the ruling elites of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz has spent Rs4.8 million from the national treasury to renovate his government mansion. According to […]

June 15, 2022

Imran Khan says he will surprise his political opponents soon and won’t accept any ‘lollipop’

What happened: Imran Khan, chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, has promised to surprise his political opponents, shortly. In an exclusive interview with ARY News on June 14, the former prime minister stated that he will step up his campaign against political opponents. ‘Will fight them on every forum.’ Details: In response to a question, Imran Khan […]

June 13, 2022

3 KU Baloch students went ‘missing’ and these protestors won’t move unless they’re released

What happened: On June 12, a protest was staged outside the Sindh Assembly to protest the alleged kidnapping of three University of Karachi Baloch students, Gamshad Baloch, Doda Baloch, and Kaleem Baloch by law enforcement agents. Details: Gamshad and Doda are philosophy students at KU whereas Kaleem is enrolled in Masters program for Sociology. For […]

June 11, 2022

Let’s talk about ‘mysterious’ deaths of people linked with cases against PDM government

Who was Maqsood Chaprasi:  According to a death certificate provided by UAE authorities, Maqsood died on June 6 at the age of 49.  Previously: In December 2021, FIA filed a challan in a special court against PM Shehbaz and Hamza Shehbaz for their suspected role in laundering Rs16 billion in the sugar scam case. According […]

June 11, 2022

More obstacles for a common Pakistani? Miftah Ismail says he’s going to end fuel subsidies too

What happened: Finance Minister Miftah Ismail said the government would abolish fuel subsidies soon after submitting the budget for fiscal year 2022-23. Details: Last month, the government raised petroleum prices by Rs60 and presented the “toughest” federal budget in history for fiscal year 2022-23, with a budget of Rs9.5 trillion, in the hopes of reviving […]

June 11, 2022

Balochistan continues to call out Sindh for ‘stealing its water’

What happened: Baloch legislators accused Sindh of stealing the province’s water share on June 10, blaming the Indus River System Authority (Irsa) for failing to ensure a fair allocation of water among the federating units. Details: Former senior provincial minister Mir Zahoor Buledi, speaking on a point of order at a provincial assembly session, claimed […]

June 10, 2022

Chinese teachers killed in suicide attack will be rewarded Tamgha-e-Imtiaz posthumously 

What happened: President Arif Alvi has granted posthumous Tamgha-e-Imtiaz for three Chinese professors who were killed in a suicide bombing at the Confucius Institute at the University of Karachi.  Previously: In a suicide attack on a van transporting Chinese professors from the institute, four persons were killed, including three Chinese nationals and their Pakistani driver. […]

June 6, 2022

The takeouts from Depp vs Heard defamation trial for PAKISTANIs

Johnny Depp triumphs over the psychotic and deranged Amber Heard. Pakistan rejoices and celebrates his victory all over social media. Shares of the jury’s ruling in favor of Johnny Depp flood in, often with captions drenched in the sweat misogyny that Pakistan continues to breed. What such a trial has to do with a country […]

June 6, 2022

SHC ordered authorities to conduct Dua Zehra’s medical exam; case adjourned till June 8

What happened: Dua Zehra, the missing teen girl from Karachi, and her alleged spouse Zaheer Ahmed were produced before the Sindh High Court on June 6 (today), a day after they were shifted to Karachi from Bahawalnagar. Details: After the police were unable to produce the girl and her accused husband before a local court […]

June 4, 2022

Did you know? Among 10 Balochistan districts, not a single woman was able to contest elections

What happened: Due to cultural taboos, a lack of education, and lack of awareness, no woman ran for any general seat in the recent local government (LG) elections in Balochistan’s ten districts. Details: The districts of Killa Abdullah, Chaman, Nushki, Chagai, Zhob, Sherani, Killa Saifullah, Harnai, Ziarat, and Surab did not have a single woman […]

June 4, 2022

Pakistanis believe civilian supremacy is dead after PM Shehbaz authorised ISI with screening government officials

What happened: The country’s top espionage agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), has been officially charged by the prime minister with screening government officials before their induction, appointments, and postings, as well as promotions. The government has thereby given legal cover to a practise that had previously existed but had not been formalised as part of protocol. […]

June 4, 2022

Government approves increases in defence budget by Rs.80 billion

What happened: On June 3, the government increased the defence budget for the current fiscal year by 6% to over Rs1.45 trillion in order to meet the armed services’ needs, particularly their higher salary requirements. Details: The Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Committee, which approved Rs182 billion in additional grants overall, decided to enhance the defence budget […]

May 30, 2022

Here’s why Youm-e-Takbir is marked as ‘Black Day’ by Balochistan

What happened: Every year on May 28, Pakistan celebrates “Youm-e-Takbir,” which translates as “Day of Greatness,” to commemorate the country’s first successful nuclear test. Locals in Balochistan’s Chagai area, as well as inhabitants throughout the province, observe the day as ‘Black Day.’ Details: Locals are still suffering as a result of the nuclear bombs put […]

May 30, 2022

This is Irfan Faiz. The prime suspect in Jazlan murder case

What happened: On May 26, 20 year-old Jazlan Faisal was shot dead and his friend Shahmir was injured inside Bahria Town, Karachi over a small argument. Previously: Jazlan and Shahmir driving by in a car told a boy named Hussain Faiz not to do stunts with his motorbike. Faiz became enraged and challenged Faisal and […]

May 30, 2022

Pakistani-American delegation’s visit to the apartheid state raises suspicions of accepting Israel

What happened: Israel President Isaac Herzog recently welcomed a delegation of Pakistani-Americans, which he described as a “wonderful event” and an indication of “huge improvement” in Israel’s relations with the Muslim world. Details: Herzog made these remarks on May 26 during a special address at the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, while […]

May 28, 2022

“Is there no fear of Allah?” SHC judge expresses shock over death sentence in cannabis export case

What happened: The Sindh High Court (SHC) expressed shock after a death sentence was handed down in a case involving the possession of 12kg of hashish and requested arguments from the trial court. Details: The petition was considered by a court led by Justice Muhammad Iqbal Kalhoro. Shahbaz Khan, according to the petitioner’s lawyer, was […]

May 27, 2022

PM Jacinda Ardern pays tribute to Moht. Benazir Bhutto in her Harvard commencement speech

What happened: On May 26, Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, used her Harvard University Commencement address to condemn the “scourge of falsehood” and to echo former Pakistan Prime Minister Mohatarma Benazir Bhutto’s plea to enhance democracy. Details: PM Ardern has followed in the footsteps of Ms Bhutto, as they were the first […]

May 27, 2022

56 year-old celebrated mountaineer Ali Raza Sadpara passes away

What happened: Ali Raza Sadpara, the renowned 56 year-old Pakistani mountaineer, succumbed to his injuries and passed away early Friday morning (today) in Skardu, weeks after a fall that left him gravely injured.  Previously: On May 17, the climber tumbled over a cliff and plunged into a ditch, sustaining serious injuries. He was brought to […]

May 25, 2022

Prof. Nida Kirmani released (with 17 others) after Karachi police arrested them for protesting against missing Baloch 

What happened: On May 24, Karachi police detained 18 people, including professor Nida Kirmani, for protesting against the enforced disappearances of Baloch community members in the city. Details: According to South Senior Superintendent of Police Asad Raza (Raza), the activists announced a rally from the Karachi Press Club to the Sindh Chief Minister House. He […]

May 23, 2022

This Pakistani officer is the youngest to get promoted to the highest civil service position

What happened: In a recent high-powered board meeting, Sarah Saeed, Special Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office, was promoted to BPS-22, making her the youngest officer to be promoted to the highest rank in the civil service in the last five decades. Details: Sarah Saeed had a distinguished career, according to a Friday press statement. […]

May 23, 2022

Team ‘Joyland’ does Pakistan proud at Cannes

Details: At the Cannes Film Festival, Team Joyland is proudly representing Pakistan. The Pakistani film’s cast and crew, as well as director Saim Sadiq, arrived in Cannes dressed in summery hues and flowing fabrics for the formal photocall, with actor Sarwat Gilani providing early peaks of the event on her Instagram. Why it matters: The […]

May 23, 2022

Abrar ul Haq won’t let Bollywood get away with stealing his iconic ‘Nach Punjaban’ song

What happened: On May 22, veteran Pakistani singer Abrar-ul-Haq called out Indian filmmaker Karan Johar of plagiarising his song ‘Nach Punjaban’ in the trailer for his next film, ‘Jugjugg Jeeyo.’ Click here to see the trailer of ‘Jugjugg Jeeyo.’ Details: Dharma Productions released the trailer for ‘Jugjugg Jeeyo’ on its social media accounts, and it […]

May 21, 2022

Balochistan chilgoza forest has been on fire since 12 days now..

What happened: According to a spokesperson for the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), the Pakistan Army, FC personnel, and Pakistan Rangers have been called in to help extinguish a fire in Balochistan’s Chilgoza (pinenut) forest. The fire has been raging for 12 days and has claimed the lives of at least three people. Details: The […]

May 19, 2022

A research group says 23% of Elon Musk’s Twitter followers are fake

What happened: According to a recent joint audit by two research companies, almost 23.42 percent of Elon Musk’s 93 million Twitter followers were found to be fraudulent or spam accounts. The two organisations, SparkToro and Followerwonk, stated that their definitions of “spam” and “fake” may differ from the microblogging site’s. Details: The company claims that […]

May 18, 2022

51 retired teachers, staffers are illegally living in Karachi University: reports

What happened: According to a list released by the KU estate office, 51 retired academics and officers are illegally staying in the University of Karachi despite obtaining eviction warnings. Details: Some instructors and officers have rented out their homes, while others have handed them to family members. The unauthorised tenants include retired professors, librarians, lab […]

May 17, 2022

He’s just 20. Shehroze Kashif becomes youngest mountaineer to summit top 4 high peaks of the world

What happened: On May 16, Pakistani mountaineer Shehroze Kashif proceeded to make history by climbing Mount Lhotse in Nepal, the world’s fourth-highest peak at 8,615 metres. What you need to know: Shehroze became the youngest mountaineer to summit the world’s top four highest peaks and the fourth Pakistani to scale six of the world’s fourteen […]

May 17, 2022

4.7 million children in KPK are out of right now; here’s why it matters

Details: According to official sources in the E&SE Department, the figure of 15,000 new government schools appeared in the department’s internal assessment when it began debating how to enrol 4.7 million out-of-school children and provide them with the necessary educational facilities. Is this possible? Every year, the government approves the construction of 300 government schools, […]

May 16, 2022

Almost ‘calamity-hit’ region of Sindh says Punjab robbed its water

What happened: The Sindh Chamber of Agriculture has raised concern about a severe water deficit in the province and urged the government to declare it a “calamity-hit” region. Details: SCA members urged that debts for small farmers with up to 16 acres be waived during a meeting held on May 15 under the chairmanship of […]

May 16, 2022

Here’s why students want Federal Board to delay exams till July

What happened: An Instagram account, @delayboardexams2022_ is calling out for attention over the matter of Federal Board exams as they claim their session began in Nov, 2021 and now the expected date for HSSC-1 & HSSC-2 final exams is June 14; implying that their syllabus is not completed yet and they need more time to […]

May 16, 2022

Lahore university boy raped by 3 friends for looking ‘almost trans’

What happened: It emerged on May 15 that a university-going boy was raped in a farmhouse near DHA, Lahore. Sources say he was assaulted for ‘looking feminine’ and ‘almost being a trans.’ A Facebook user, Haris Zayad wrote that the perpetrators were not drunk, “They had drinks after putting the victim through the ordeal.” Zayad […]

May 14, 2022

Here’s why Sialkot administration denied permission for PTI’s jalsa

What happened: On May 14, Sialkot’s district administration refused to allow Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to hold a gathering of former Prime Minister Imran Khan at Sialkot’s CTI Ground. The district government objected since the party organisers did not get permission from the owners of the CTI Ground in Sialkot to hold their public rally there. […]

May 13, 2022

This Pro-guitarist turned policeman will have you hooked to his melodious voice

What happened: In an exclusive interview with Urdu Point, Punjab police officer Rana Faizan shared about his passion for playing guitar and how he took a 3-month course on the instrument after completing matriculation, “These talents are God-gifted and my inspiration was Junaid Jamshed.” Details: Faizan credits his elder brother, Rana Hammad for buying him […]

May 13, 2022

Police agrees to protect Dania Aamir amid alleged threats

What happened: Dania Aamir Shah, Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s third wife who is seeking divorce from him, and her mother will now be protected by the Baghdadul Jadid police. On May 12, the two met with City ASP Uzair Ahmed to inform him about the estranged MNA’s threats against them. Details: The ASP told Dawn that […]

May 13, 2022

Unknown Karachi men attacked Pakistan’s 1st transgender lawyer Nisha Rao

What happened: Sources claim that on May 12, Pakistan’s first transgender lawyer Nisha Rao was attacked in Saddar, Karachi by 4 men. Rao sustained a few injuries as well. Details: Trans Pride Society, founded by Nisha herself, narrated the incident as a ‘heinous crime.’ They claim that 4 men on two motorbikes attacked her as […]

May 10, 2022

Indian temples are now playing ‘hanuman chalisa’ during Fajr to counter Muslim call of prayer

What happened: Multiple temples in Karnataka, India, reportedly played Hanuman Chalisa and other Hindu songs around 5 a.m. to counter the Muslim call to Fajr azaan. Details: Srirama Bhajane, Hanuman Chalisa, Mantrapatana, and Mantra were heard in temples across Karnataka, including Bengaluru, Belgaum, Dharwad, Mysuru, Mandya, and Kalaburagi. Previously, Muslim mosques were told to turn […]

May 10, 2022

PM Shehbaz imposes complete ban on sugar exports to cater to ‘domestic demand’

What happened: On May 9, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif ordered a complete ban on sugar exports in the country. The statement was made via the premier’s official Twitter account. “I have imposed a blanket prohibition on sugar exports due to domestic demand,” he stated. Details: The premiere has pledged to take “strong action against smuggling […]

May 10, 2022

PEMRA warns TV channels against negative coverage of army and judiciary

What happened: On May, 9, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) cautioned private electronic media against airing critical content based on the country’s military and judiciary. Details: “It has been noticed that a few satellite TV channels are airing programs that account to casting aspersions against state institutions, such as the armed forces and […]

May 9, 2022

What is the government’s plan to fix Karakoram bridge collapse?

What happened: In Hunza’s Hassanabad district, a concrete bridge on the Karakoram Highway collapsed, delaying traffic and forcing commuters to take a detour. The bridge was destroyed by a flood induced by melting glaciers, namely a glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) at the Shishpar glacier upstream of Hassanabad. Swipe to see the video of the […]

May 9, 2022

Indian mosques turn down volume of azaan after Hindu lawmaker’s threats

What happened: Mohammed Ashfaq Kazi, the chief preacher of Mumbai’s largest mosque had to turn down the volume of the speaker by a few decibels. More than 900 mosques in India had to do the same, following threats from a local Hindu lawmaker, Raj Thackeray who said that if they don’t follow ‘noise regulations,’ his […]

May 9, 2022

Dua Zehra’s father approaches court to recover his daughter back

What happened: Dua Zehra’s father, Mehdi Ali Kazmi has filed a complaint with the Sindh High Court. In a petition filed through his lawyer, the petitioner requested that SSP East, SHO Al-Falah, and the investigating officer be directed to recover Dua Zehra. Back story: On April 16, at 12:30 p.m., Kazmi’s wife informed him that […]

May 7, 2022

This 100 year-old man’s dedication led him towards world record of working at same company for 84 years!

What happened: Last month, Walter Orthmann turned 100 years old and broke the world record for the longest career at the same company. According to Guinness World Records, Orthmann was only 15 years old when he started working as a shipping assistant at Industrias Renaux S.A. (now RenauxView) in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. […]

May 7, 2022

North Carolina riders had to hold on upside down for 45 mins after roller coaster stopped midway

What happened: A roller coaster at Carowinds amusement park in North Carolina, US, abruptly stopped working, leaving riders upside down for 45 minutes. They ended up stuck in the Flying Cobra which sends riders in a 360-degree loop. The 125-foot-tall coaster can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour and flips six times […]

May 6, 2022

Indian passengers beat the heat with this rickshaw driver’s ‘roof garden’

What happened: Mahendra Kumar’s rickshaw in Delhi stands out among the traffic because of its small garden on the vehicle’s roof which protects passengers from the scorching summer heat. Details: Kumar claims that the thick green patch keeps the rickshaw cool even when temperature in the Indian capital reaches 45 degrees Celsius which is hot […]

May 4, 2022

Mazari writes to UN about blasphemy laws being ‘used against’ PTI leaders

What happened: In a letter penned to special UN rapporteurs, dated 2 May, former human rights minister Shireen Mazari has requested for their intervention to stop the Pakistani government’s “misuse of the blasphemy law” against Imran Khan and other PTI leaders. Details: The letter is addressed to officials in extrajudicial executions on freedom of opinion […]

May 2, 2022

Pakistanis believe the ‘blasphemy card’ against Imran Khan is truly condemnable 

What happened: An FIR under blasphemy laws was filed in Faisalabad on May 1 against former prime minister Imran Khan and other PTI leaders over the recent incident at Masjid-e-Nabwi where pilgrims surrounding Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s delegation at the holy site shouted slogans of ‘chor’ and ‘lota.’ While the incident was condemnable, Pakistanis, including […]

April 29, 2022

In a bid to stand against Islamophobia, non-Muslims participate in fasting and hijab challenge

What happened: This month, non-Muslims from all over the world participated in a two-day Ramadan challenge, #FastForUnity, against Islamophobia as they wanted to promote religious tolerance and understanding. Details: The annual Fast For Unity and the 30-Day Ramadan Hijab Challenge, both hosted by the World Hijab Day Organization, a non-profit organisation dedicated to combating discrimination […]

April 29, 2022

Shari Baloch was ‘mentally-ill,’ says the KU suicide bomber’s husband

What happened: The detained husband of the Karachi University suicide bomber claims his wife, Shari Baloch, was “mentally unwell,” according to Balochistan’s Parliamentary Secretary for Information Bushra Rind. Previously: In a suicide attack two days ago at the University of Karachi’s Confucius Institute, at least four people were killed, including three Chinese nationals, and four […]

April 29, 2022

Pakistanis are upset over the violation of Masjid-e-Nabvi’s sanctity

What happened: On Apr 28, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and his ministers were bombarded with chants of ‘chor’ and ‘ghaddar’ in Saudi Arabia’s Masjid-e-Nabwi, located in the holy city of Madina. Pakistanis are seemingly disappointed with how the crowd didn’t respect the sanctity of the place they were standing in. Click here to see tweets […]

April 28, 2022

Patari’s ex co-founder draws flak for calling senior journalist ‘mentally-challenged idiot’

What happened: Senior journalist at Dawn and Express Tribune, Khurram Husain retweeted a snapshot on Apr 27 where multiple news channels were airing PTI chief Imran Khan’s address in Lahore yesterday, he stated: “”Media blackout” he claimed on live TV!” implying that Khan’s claim of media blackout against him was false.  “Yes you mentally challenged […]

April 28, 2022

This time it was Shan’s birthday and Shoaib Akhtar did not disappoint

What happened: It was Shan Shahid’s birthday on Apr 27 (yesterday), and Shoaib Akhtar made sure to wish him on Twitter. If you were following the rather petty controversy, irked previously this week by the senior actor, you know what this is about. Swipe to see the recent tweets and what disappointed Shan a few […]

April 28, 2022

Elon Musk sets his eyes on buying Coca Cola next to ‘put cocaine back in’

What happened: Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and the new owner of Twitter, has expressed an unusual desire to buy Coca-Cola, and if he succeeds, he has a big plan for the corporation. “Next, I’m buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in,” the tech mogul posted on Twitter. Details: “I don’t know about […]

April 28, 2022

Another Baloch, another hashtag; #ReleaseBebagrImdad

What happened: On Apr 27, a Baloch student named Bebgar Imdad from Turbat, an English Literature student at NUML University in Islamabad, was forcibly taken by men in plain clothes around 7.40 am. The incident occurred at Punjab University hostel where Imdad was staying to celebrate Eid holidays.  Click here to see activists and journalists […]

April 27, 2022

Petition filed against filmmakers for using the word ‘khusra’

What happened: The Lahore High Court (LHC) has requested responses from all parties involved in a writ suit filed against the film “Dum Mastam,” which is set to be released on Eidul Fitr, for mocking the transgender community by using the word “Khusra.” Details: The filmmakers breached the Rights of Citizens and in particular the […]

April 27, 2022

‘I am a victim of domestic violence and my ex-wife broke me’: Johnny Depp

What happened: On Apr 25, actor Johnny Depp finished his testimony in the defamation case he filed against ex-wife Amber Heard, stating he was a victim of domestic violence during their relationship and was “broken” by the time their marriage fell apart. Details: Depp’s fourth day on the witness stand in a Virginia court ended […]

April 25, 2022

No birthday wish for Imran Khan? That’s literally what Shan called out Shoaib Akhtar on

What happened: Apr 24 marks veteran Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar’s birthday and Shoaib Akhtar penned a small wish for him, but Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid is not happy with it. He recalled that Akhtar didn’t wish his fellow then-cricketer, now former Prime Minister Imran Khan on his birthday back in October.  Twitter thinks it’s ‘petty’ […]

April 23, 2022

Policemen take relief packages for Dadu victims home with them

Details: On Apr 22, journalist Mubashir Zaidi shared a video of policemen taking relief packages home with them which were meant to be for Dadu village fire victims.  What happened: The fire in Faiz Mohammad Daryani Chandio Goth claimed the lives of nine persons, including eight children and a woman. The fire completely destroyed the […]

April 23, 2022

Dua’s father urges people to spreading fake news about his daughter

Details: Twitter user, Asad Gokal (twt/asadgokal) visited Dua Zehra’s place where he met with his father, Mehdi Ali Kazmi. He told Asad that few news channels are posting unverified and false news about his daughter which is affecting the case.  Click here to read about Asad’s conversation with Mr. Kazmi. What you need to know: […]

April 23, 2022

Rana Sanaullah changed his Twitter dp and people had a lot to say about it

What happened: On Apr 20, the newly-appointed Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah changed his Twitter profile picture where he’s sitting in his office and Pakistanis were quick to react to it. Previously: People are questioning the minister’s appointment because of his drug case in the past. The Anti-Narcotics Force arrested Rana Sanaullah near the Sukheki point […]

April 22, 2022

What’s up with the misogynistic remarks in political rallies?

Details: On Apr 22, Twitter user, Syed Zain Raza (twt/MrSyedZainRaza) shared a poster from Lahore Jalsa which mentions a derogatory misogynistic term being used for PML-N Vice President, Maryam Nawaz Sharif. According to Zain, this behaviour got normalised because of Imran Khan referring to her as ‘Nani’ while on the other hand, PTI’s leader Ali […]

April 22, 2022

Jalsa workers beat tv reporter claiming his channel is anti-PTI

What happened: On Apr 20, Dawn reported that a group of Pakistan Tehreek-Insaf workers beat a local TV reporter who was covering the party’s public meeting at Minar-i-Pakistan. According to eyewitnesses, the workers assaulted Khawar Mughal of 92 tv channel, tormented him, and grabbed the TV logo from him. Details: Some journalists stepped forward to […]

April 22, 2022

The dilemma of missing persons in Pakistan. Where are they?

Only 3,284 of the 8,463 Pakistanis who have been missing since March 2011 have returned home, according to a report given to the Islamabad High Court (IHC) on March 2022 by the Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances From forced disappearances to abductions, swipe to find out the stats on missing persons in Pakistan. Details: […]

April 22, 2022

Here’s why masjid refused to announce Dua Zehra’s name

What happened: On Apr 21, parents of the missing girl, Dua Zehra were invited on Waseem Badami’s show, ‘Shaan-e-Ramazan,’ where they talked about how it’s been 6 days and their daughter is still nowhere to be found.  Details: Founder of Jafaria Disaster Cell Foundation, Syed Zafar Abbas Jaffri has been assisting the distraught parents in […]

April 21, 2022

Amid communal violence, Muslim homes are being bulldozed in India

What happened: Law professor, Khaled Beydoun shared a video of a Muslim woman crying as her house gets bulldozed in India, “Terribly heartbreaking. But this is unfolding everyday, to tens of thousands of Muslims across India. This is the new BJP Policy unfolding in India: bulldozing Muslim homes and businesses. During #Ramadan no less.” Details: […]

April 20, 2022

This celebrity chef’s Ukrainian charity kitchen was destroyed by Russian missiles

What happened: A Russian missile attacked a Ukrainian humanitarian kitchen belonging to renowned chef José Andrés in the northeastern city of Kharkiv. World Central Kitchen, which is the nonprofit kitchen’s partner; its CEO Nate Mook, confirmed the news on Twitter, that four employees were also injured. Details: Since Russia’s invasion began more than six weeks […]

April 20, 2022

8 children, 1 woman killed and 145 houses burned down in Mehar fire tragedy

What happened: On the night of Apr 19, eight children and a woman were killed in a fire in Faiz Muhammad Chandio village, situated in Dadu, which also burned down 145 houses into ashes and claimed lives of 150 animals which included cows, buffalos, and goats.  Details: The fire broke out in the kitchen of […]

April 20, 2022

People staged protest at Karachi Press Club to demand #JusticeforNazimJokhio

What happened: On Apr 19, many people staged a peaceful protest outside the Karachi Press Club against the police and the Sindh government’s alleged backing of Nazim Jokhio’s murderers.  Details: The participants demanded an open inquiry into the Jokhio murder case and the prosecution of those responsible. The event was organised in response to a […]

April 19, 2022

Turkish imam invites kids to play with him after Taraweeh

Details: Tarekat TV reported that an imam at a Turkish mosque invites kids to play with him after Taraweeh so that they are happy to come to the holy site. According to the imam, their predecessor named Sultan AlFatih used to say, “Be worried if your mosque no longer hears the voice of a child.” […]

April 19, 2022

‘NOT a BOT’ trends on Twitter after Maryam Nawaz says PTI is running fake social media campaigns

What happened: After Imran Khan’s departure from power earlier this month, PML-N Vice-President Maryam Nawaz said that the PTI’s “criminal ring” led by former Prime Minister Imran Khan was launching a smear campaign on social media against state institutions. The ruling party leader said in a series of tweets that the smear campaign and “lies” […]

April 19, 2022

#ChaagiBleeds: 6 peaceful Baloch protestors shot dead

What happened: On Apr 19, Balochistan National Party Mengal boycotted National Assembly proceedings over the alleged firing of security forces which claimed 6 lives and injured several other people. BNP-M said it’s difficult to be a part of the government if military operations continue in the province. Click here to see tweets condemning #ChaghiBleeds. Details: […]

April 18, 2022

A Pindi woman chased and beat up the guy who harrassed her in market

What happened: On Apr 17, a Twitter user (twt/Chaudharyysaab) took to her Twitter account where she narrated how a woman in Saddar, Pindi market chased down a man who harassed her and then beat him up, “The woman and her mother too slapped and punched the guy. BEAUTIFUL SIGHT. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY THEY […]

April 18, 2022

This powerful tribute by a daughter to her mother will make your day

What happened: A Twitter user named Dhanak Ali (twt/qauseqazza) took to her Twitter account to announce that her mother got offered by Harvard University for the position of a Senior Professor in Genetic Department, “i’m so, so incredibly proud to call this absolute powerhouse my mother.” Cilck here to see Dhanak narrating her mother’s powerful […]

April 18, 2022

Engro dismisses speculations about sponsoring Imran Khan’s Karachi trip

What happened: On Apr 16, Imran Khan flew to Karachi to stage one his anti-government protest against ‘imported humkoomat.’ A picture of him getting off the private jet he landed in went viral, with people asking about his transport expenses, given that he’s not the Prime Minister anymore.  Tahir Imran Mian, an award-winning investigative journalist, […]

April 18, 2022

An Edhi baby pens heartfelt tribute to Bilquis Bano 

What happened: On Apr 17, Rabia Bibi Osman, an orphan who was adopted by Abdul Sattar Edhi and Bilquis Bano Edhi, penned a heartfelt tribute to the philanthropist as she recently passed away in Karachi.  Details: Rabia explained how she was one of the many infants the Edhis found in the baby carriage, “You  forged […]

April 16, 2022

Remembering Iqbal Masih; the boy who fought against child labour

On this day in 1995, Iqbal Masih, the 12 year-old activist who fought against child labor, was shot dead by a heroin addict from the Pakistani carpet mafia when Masih returned from one of his US campaigns.  Who was Iqbal Masih? Iqbal Masih was born in Muridke, Pakistan, a tiny rural hamlet just outside of […]

April 16, 2022

Why Bilquis Bano Edhi was called the ‘mother of Pakistan’

Bilquis Bano Edhi, the late Abdul Sattar Edhi’s other half, passed away on the evening of Apr 15 at Karachi’s Aga Khan Hospital. Looking back at her journey, which she dedicated to orphan children and filled the void of a mother in their lives, Bilquis Bano dedicated almost six decades of her life to helping […]

April 16, 2022

The legacy of Pakistan’s humanitarian power couple

They say there’s a woman behind every successful man, such was the case with Pakistan’s beloved Edhi couple. Yesterday, Bilquis Bano Edhi breathed her last in Karachi, leaving the orphan children motherless once again. She was a trained nurse who managed maternity clinics and set up baby cradles outside Edhi Foundation locations around Pakistan, which […]

April 15, 2022

‘How to get away with murder’ starring Pakistani feudal politicians

A fair verdict on Nazim Jokhio murder seems to be disappearing into thin air as primary accused in the case, Pakistan People’s Party MNA Jam Karim and MPA Jam Awais’ names were removed from the charge sheet recently. The 27 year-old citizen journalist paid the price for stopping their Arab guests from illegal hunting of […]

April 15, 2022

Islamabad High Court direct FIA to stop ‘harassing’ PTI social media activists

What happened: On Apr 15, the Islamabad High Court has ordered the Federal Investigation Agency to stop harassing Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf social media activists and has summoned the director of the FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing to appear in court today. Details: Ali Nawaz Awan submitted a lawsuit challenging the raids on the houses of PTI’s social […]

April 14, 2022

Twitterati calls out PML-N UK for planning protest outside Jemimah’s home

What happened: On Apr 13, journalist Azhar Javaid shared a video of a press conference with PML-N leaders Zubair Gul and his other members announced that they will be protesting outside Imran Khan’s ex-wife , Jemaimah Khan where she resides with her two sons, Qasim and Suleman, on Apr 17, at 1pm. Gul said that […]

April 14, 2022

Army major assaulted with steel rods by political guards

What happened: On Apr 13, an army soldier, Major Harris was brutally assaulted with steel rods, sources and viewers say that the men who beat him up were PML-N leader Saad Rafique’s brother, Salman Rafique’s guards. Mir Mohammad Ali Khan, an author, tweeted the video of the incident, “Khawaja Salman Rafique of PMLN along with […]

April 14, 2022

Bilawal’s answer on Pakistani dynasty politics wasn’t ‘good’; here’s what he said

What happened: On Apr 14, Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was interviewed by CNN’s Becky Anderson, where he was asked whether the existence of dynasties in Pakistani politics is what’s wrong with the system. Bilawal started off by answering in the affirmative and then tried giving the example of Hilary and Bill Clinton, […]

April 13, 2022

Pro PTI teachers reportedly harass students on their political leanings

Parent no.1: On Apr 12, a Twitter user took to her account sharing how her son’s English teacher screamed at students when they were asked who doesn’t support Imran Khan and they replied in disagreement, “You and your family should be ashamed of yourselves,” the mother quoted her, asking aren’t schools supposed to be apolitical. […]

April 12, 2022

Here’s why Kartarpur corridor was big-hearted gesture by Pakistan under PTI’s regime

Details: On Apr, journalist and editor, Zaidi Hassan took to his Twitter account where stated that back when Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was in power, its Kartarpur corridor project earned Pakistan most praise, “It doesn’t matter who initiated the project, fact remains that Khan sahab ko is kaam pe bohat duaein mili hongi,” Hassan added. Click here […]

April 8, 2022

Islamabad High Court rules PECA ordinance to be ‘unconstitutional’ 

Details: On Apr 8, the Islamabad High Court pronounced the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016 (Peca) “unconstitutional.” In February, President Dr. Arif Alvi signed an order amending the Peca law in an effort to combat “fake news.” According to analysts and journalists, the government’s move was aimed at stifling criticism on social media and […]

April 8, 2022

Why Biden doesn’t call out Modi on Indian-Muslim genocide? asks US Rep. Ilhan Omar

What happened: On Apr 7, US congresswoman, Ilhan Omar expressed her grave concern about President Joe Biden’s administration’s relation with India. In a video she posted on Twitter, Omar questions US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman that why the government has been unwilling to confront the Indian government on human rights and its treament […]

April 8, 2022

The opposition calls for the nation to celebrate ‘thanksgiving day’

What happened: The opposition parties, praising the Supreme Court’s decision, called on the nation and its workers to commemorate Thanksgiving Day on Apr 8 (today) and stage festivities around the country in honour of the country’s ‘win of democracy and the Constitution.’ Details: Hundreds of workers and lawyers from opposition parties gathered outside the Supreme […]

April 8, 2022

Prime Minister Imran Khan to address the nation today as he vows to fight till the last ball

What happened: On Apr 7, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he will address the nation on Apr 8 (today) after the administration suffered a setback after the Supreme Court declared the government’s decision to dissolve the National Assembly and NA Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri’s ruling against the Constitution, unconstitutional.  Details: The Supreme Court ordered […]

April 7, 2022

More power to this Peshawar driver who is determined to educate his son, no matter what!

What happened: On Apr 6, a Peshawar-based entrepreneur named Hurmat Ali Shah took to his Twitter handle where he shared the picture of a driver and a notice slip, belonging to Peshawar Model School, as the man asked Hurmat to translate what’s written in it, “The paper was from a school asking the parent to […]

April 7, 2022

The first ever taraweeh at Times Square was led by a Lahore Islamic school graduate

Details: On Apr 3, hundreds of Muslims broke their fast and offered Taraweeh prayers in New York City’s Times Square on the first day of the holy month of Ramzan, in an unprecedented event. It emerged later that the prayer was led by Nabeel, a graduate of School of Contemporary and Islamic Learning. He is […]

April 7, 2022

Israeli troops attack Palestinians celebrating Ramadan at Damascus Gate

What happened: On the second night of a crackdown on protesters gathered near Damascus Gate, occupied East Jerusalem, Israeli security forces arrested ten Palestinians and wounded several others on Apr 3. Police deployed rubber-coated steel bullets, stun grenades, batons, and mounted forces to clear crowds, injuring at least 19 individuals. Israeli police, including undercover officials, […]

April 7, 2022

Why didn’t the deputy speaker object to the no-confidence motion on March 28 instead?: CJP Bandial

What happened: On Apr 7, around 9:30 a.m., a five-member bench led by the Chief Justice of Pakistan, consisting of Justice Ijazul Ahsan, Justice Mazhar Alam Khan Miankhel, Justice Munib Akhtar, and Justice Jamal Khan Mandokhel, took up the case of no-confidence motion’s dismissal where CJP Bandial questioned Imran Khan’s lawyer, Imtiaz Siddiqui that why […]

April 6, 2022

PTA insists YouTube to restore Dr.Israr’s channel after Jewish groups reported it for ‘hate speech’

What happened: On Apr 5, The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) urged YouTube to reconsider its decision to restore a TV channel managed by the late Islamic scholar, Dr. Israr Ahmed’s foundation which was reported by Jewish groups on the grounds of hate speech. According to PTA sources, the channel in question used to broadcast Dr. […]

April 6, 2022

Fawad Chaudhry says ‘yeh kiraye ka admi hai’ to journalist who asked him about Farah Khan

What happened: Fawad Chaudhry, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), slammed senior journalist, Matiullah Jan, after being asked to comment on corruption allegations against Farah Khan, a close friend of former first lady Bushra Bibi. Details: During a press conference with PTI MPs Asad Umar, Shahbaz Gill, and Ali Muhammad Khan, the former information minister […]

April 5, 2022

Ugly looking girls can get married if they pay dowry, says Indian nursing textbook

What happened: An image of a book page featuring the “pros and cons” of the dowry system has gone viral, prompting people to wonder what sort of message such reading material is delivering to children and society at large. The page includes a section under the subhead “Merits of Dowry,” in which it states that […]

April 5, 2022

3 Indian men gang-raped (and killed) pregnant goat

What happened: Zee News reported on March 31 that three men in Kerala, India’s gang-raped a pregnant goat and then killed it. The tragedy occurred in the Kasaragod district of Kerala, according to reports, the goat was four months pregnant. Details: According to the accounts, the goat came from the Elite Hotel in Kottachery. When […]

April 5, 2022

Taliban chief bans poppy cultivation to impose drug control

What happened: As part of its efforts to ease foreign concerns over drug control in Afghanistan, the Taliban issued an order, prohibiting the production of opium poppy. “All Afghans are advised that cultivation of poppy has been absolutely outlawed across the country as per the edict of the supreme leader of the Islamic Emirate of […]

April 5, 2022

Donald Lu avoids ‘direct answer’ to query about threatening Imran Khan

What happened:  When asked about the regime transition in Pakistan, US Assistant Secretary of State for Central and South Asia, Donald Lu, who was recently named by Imran Khan as the man who made threatening remarks about his regime in a letter, avoided the subject when the Hindustan Times interviewed him as he is presently […]

April 5, 2022

Not 90 days, election preparations require at least 6 months: Election Commission Pakistan

What happened: On Apr 5, the Election Commission of Pakistan stated that it’s unable to hold general elections within three months due to a variety of legal and procedural issues. The ECP’s top official said the general election preparations will take about six months. The primary issues, he added, were new constituency delimitation, particularly in […]

April 4, 2022

Here’s what Riz Ahmed ‘swapped’ his Oscar for

Details: On Apr 3, actor Riz Ahmed took to his Instagram story where he posted an adorable selfie with his mother, claiming that he swapped his Oscar, for something and it wasn’t a ‘bad deal.’ Turns out the actor was talking about some home-cooked food. Surely not a bad deal, right? Riz Ahmed is a […]

April 2, 2022

Shehbaz Sharif refers to Pakistanis as beggars on live television

What happened: On Apr 1, invited as a guest on GEO anchor, Shahzad Iqbal’s show, PML-N chairman and the party’s key candidate for the position of Prime Minister, Shehbaz Sharif referred to the Pakistani nation as ‘beggars’ and the nation is appalled by the statement. Click here to see Pakistanis furious over Sharif’s statement. Details: […]

April 2, 2022

‘Banned in Pakistan’ Javed Iqbal film to be premiered in UK film festival

What happened: Pakistani film, ‘The Untold Story Of A Serial Killer,’ which was banned from screening in Pakistan two days before its theatrical release despite censor board approval, will be premiered at the 2022 UK Asian Film Festival on May 4 at London’s leading cinema, BFI Southbank.  Details: Yasir Hussain, who plays the role of […]

March 31, 2022

PM Imran Khan to address the nation tonight

What happened: Prime Minister Imran Khan’s address to the country was postponed a day earlier, but Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry announced on March 31 (today) that the premier will address the nation tonight. Details: Chaudhry made the announcement via Twitter, on the other hand, Sheikh Rashid, the Interior Minister, made a similar declaration […]

March 31, 2022

Prime Minister Imran Khan summons meeting with National Security Committee on ‘threatening letter’

What happened: On March 31 (today), Prime Minister Imran Khan called a meeting with the National Security Committee in the afternoon at the Prime Minister’s House, according to Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry. Details: The conference was called in response to a purported threat letter from a foreign authority, which warned Pakistan of dire consequences if […]

March 31, 2022

Indian teachers suspended for allowing hijab-clad students attend exams

What happened: According to CNN News18, school teachers in Karnataka have been suspended for allowing girls, wearing hijab, to attend examinations. According to reports, a school allowed hijab and, in one case, burqa-wearing females. Details: An education official was instructed to make a report about the incident, according to Harish Upadhya, a CNN News18 journalist. […]

March 31, 2022

IBA university takes action against ‘viral party video’ as it suspends 1 student

What happened: After conducting an investigation into the video that purportedly showed a gay party being hosted somewhere on campus, the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) suspended one student and barred another one from entering the university for a year. Details: Previously, a video of the contentious occurrence went viral on social media, eliciting considerable […]

March 30, 2022

Prime Minister Imran Khan says he will show the letter to senior journalists now

What happened: On March 30, Prime Minister Imran Khan said, while speaking at a ceremony in Islamabad to commemorate the introduction of the e-passport system, that he will show the senior journalists the “letter” he brandished at the PTI’s March 27 power show, which reportedly contains evidence of a foreign conspiracy against the government. Details: […]

March 29, 2022

Would the Smith-Rock duo accept Jake Paul’s $15 million offer to fight?

What happened: On March 28, after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock during the 94th Oscars awards ceremony, American boxer, Jake Paul offered the duo $15 million each to jump into the ring and settle their disagreements. Details: Paul who operates Most Valuable Promotions, tweeted, “I got $15m for Will Smith and $15m for Chris Rock […]

March 29, 2022

Twitter condemns senior journalist Hasan Nisar’s misbehavior towards Reema Omer on-air

What happened: On March 28, veteran journalis, Hasan Nisar, was a guest panelist on Geo New’s live show, ‘Report Card’ where he lost his calm when discussing the country’s democracy and began personal verbal attacks on female panelist Reema Omer. Click here to see Twitterati showing solidarity with Reema Omer. Details: While debating on the […]

March 29, 2022

Why are animals being abused in political rallies?

What happened: On March 29, lawyer, Muhamamd Ahmed Pansota took to his Twitter account where he shared a video, that is said to be from a PML-N rally by Abzuar Salman Khan Niazi, in which a lioness is brought and is then being dragged upwards by alleged party workers. T/W: Animal Cruelty, click here to […]

March 29, 2022

Delhi court grants bail to Bulli Bai app prime suspect on ‘humanitarian grounds’

What happened: On March 28, Delhi court granted bail to Niraj Bishnoi, the primary accused in the ‘Bulli Bai’ app case, and Omkareshwar Thakur, the founder of the ‘Sulli Deals’ app. The court reasoned that the defendants are first-time offenders, and that keeping them in prison would be damaging to their general health, according to […]

March 29, 2022

This seven-year-old won gold medal in an International Jiu-Jitsu competition

What happened: On March 28, at the International Jiu-Jitsu Competition 2022 in Abu Dhabi, seven-year-old Pakistani girl named Anayah Naveed Dar, earned a gold medal, becoming the country’s youngest Jiu-Jitsu competitor, in the under 28 weight category. Details: In the first match, Anayah defeated Latifa of Russia. In the second match, she defeated United Arab […]

March 28, 2022

Students were uncomfortable but university still invited Ali Zafar for concert, says Karachi student

What happened: On March 26, a Karachi female student named Alia* reached out to Propergaanda to share how her university organised an Ali Zafar concert on March 23 despite students protesting against it as the singer is known to be the prime suspect in Meesha Shafi’s harassment case since 2019. Details: Alia went on to […]

March 28, 2022

This Pokemon card was auctioned for $420,000; breaking all the previous records

What happened: On March 27, the PWCC March Premier Auction sold the rare 1999 Pokémon Base Set Shadowless 1st Edition Holo Charizard card for $420,000. Last week, the auction company claimed in a statement that the sale “marks the all-time record for a basic set Charizard card.” The card: The card’s immaculate PSA 10 Gem […]

March 28, 2022

This 101-year-old man received his high school diploma after 80 years!

What happened: On March 19, Merrill Pittman Cooper, a 101 year-old student at Storer College in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, from 1934 to 1938, finally got his high school certificate after more than 80 years of waiting. Cooper dropped school during his senior year when his family moved to Philadelphia for financial concerns, according to […]

March 28, 2022

Here’s how the Internet reacted to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock during Oscars 2022

What happened: On March 28, Will Smith stormed the Oscars stage and slapped comedian, Chris Rock in the face for making a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. Rock cracked a joke comparing Jada’s bald head to Demi Moore’s appearance in the film “G.I. Jane” and recommending she star in a sequel when he […]

March 28, 2022

Here’s how PM Imran Khan’s power show in Islamabad went

What happened: On March 27, Prime Minister Imran Khan set a powershow through his two-hour-long marathon address in Islamabad which focused on the decisive agenda points of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. The true political struggle, which begins today (March 28), will be fought inside the National Assembly, as the premiere says he will be fighting against the […]

March 26, 2022

Gordon Ramsay sends one of his cooks to a short-staffed UK school canteen for assistance

What happened: After hearing a request on national radio, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay dispatched one of his own team members to a short-staffed school canteen on March 24. Tina Clarke, the chef’s kitchen manager, came in after hearing him speak on the Radio 2 Breakfast Show about his new BBC TV show, Future Food Stars. […]

March 26, 2022

Prime Minister’s YouTube channel renamed to just ‘Imran Khan’

What happened: On March 25, the Prime Minister’s Office’s official YouTube channel changed its name to just ‘Imran Khan.’ The action comes just days before the National Assembly votes on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s no-confidence motion. Details: The verified tick of a channel is altered when it gets renamed, according to YouTube guidelines. The channel […]

March 26, 2022

IKEA is sorry about its cameras ‘accidentally’ filming staff washrooms

What happened: On March 25, IKEA apologised for mistakenly filming employees in restroom communal spaces. The furniture retailer released the results of an investigation into the use of surveillance cameras today, expressing its “sincere regret.” IKEA installed security cameras above 10 bathrooms at a distribution centre in Peterborough in 2015, according to the article, in […]

March 25, 2022

COLABS raises $3 million seed to empower entrepreneurs and freelancers through its spaces and tech platform across Pakistan

COLABS, the Lahore-based startup that enables SMEs, entrepreneurs and freelancers to build and grow
their businesses through its spaces and tech platform, has raised $3 million in a seed round.

March 25, 2022

Aurat Azadi March Islamabad says 21-year-old transgender woman was brutally raped in her own house

What happened: On March 24, Aurat Azadi March Islamabad’s official Twitter handle reported another incident of trans-violence though their account as they stated that a 21 year-old transgender woman named Aliza was brutally raped in her own house, “The perpetrator entered her house, assaulted and raped her, then left.” Click here to see the thread […]

March 25, 2022

PCB marks 1992 World Cup victory’s 30 year anniversary by putting trophy on display

What happened: The PCB stated that on the final day of the third Test between Pakistan and Australia, the 1992 World Cup trophy will be showcased at Gaddafi Stadium to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Pakistan cricket team’s historic victory. History: Imran Khan led Pakistan to its first-ever World Cup triumph 30 years ago on […]

March 24, 2022

There’s no way out for the ego-driven Imran Khan now, says Senator Sherry Rehman

What happened: On March 24, PPP Senator, Sherry Rehman took to her Twitter account, stating that Prime Minister Imran Khan has lost his mandate, “With each passing day is losing numbers in parliament as well as support,” adding that he’s subverting his constitution to save the government which is a ‘poor reflection’ of his state […]

March 24, 2022

Preventing pregnancy in mice, American scientists found male contraceptive to be 99% effective

What happened: On March 23, researchers working on a male contraceptive pill, tested in mice, discovered that the medicine was 99 percent efficient in preventing pregnancy. Animal testing of the non-hormonal tablet yielded the breakthrough discoveries, which were presented at the American Chemical Society’s spring meeting on March 23.  There were no known side effects, […]

March 24, 2022

Pakistan’s first Sikh public school in Peshawar is ‘almost completed’

What happened: In Peshawar, Pakistan’s first public school for Sikhs is reaching its completion, with “90 percent construction work” almost done. Work on the project began over two years ago, after a plot of land in the Jogan Shah Mohalla in the ancient city was purchased. Previously: 300 teenagers from the Sikh community used to […]

March 23, 2022

This Filipino sailor trims his hair to create (mind-blowing) portraits out of it

What happened: A Filipino seafarer named Jesstoni Garcia trims his hair using electric clippers every few months to create portraits of musicians and actors. The co-owner of a Manila hair salon scatters the collected hair strands and clips on a blank white canvas with a small brush and clear, sticky glue, taking two to five […]

March 23, 2022

PM Imran meets TV host Aamir Liaquat with his wife Dania Shah

What happened: On March 23, members of the ruling and allied parties in Punjab and Sindh met with Prime Minister Imran Khan and expressed their complete confidence in his leadership which included Aamir Liaquat Hussain and Alia Hamza of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) party, as well as Saira Bano of the Grand Democratic Alliance. Details: […]

March 23, 2022

Just hours after schools reopened, Afghan girls were directed back to homes by Taliban

What happened: On March 23, Taliban ordered girls’ secondary schools in Afghanistan to close just hours after they reopened on, causing uncertainty and sadness over the hardline group’s policy reversal. Inamullah Samangani, a Taliban spokesman, told AFP that they are not allowed to comment on the situation yet. Details: When an AFP crew arrived at […]

March 23, 2022

PM Imran congratulates government as Pakistan outranks other South Asian countries with lowest unemployment rate

What happened:   On March 23, Prime Minister Imran Khan praised his government for managing the COVID-19 situation better than all the South Asian countries in the region as Pakistan resulted in having the lowest unemployment rate. Click here to see the premiere’s tweet and unemployment statistic shared by South Asian Index. Details: “I want […]

March 23, 2022

Vulgar and obscene content on social media leads to divorce, says Prime Minister Imran Khan

What happened: On March 22, Prime Minister Imran Khan warned that ‘vulgar and obscene’ content on social media is leading to divorce and sexual deviancy during a keynote speech at the 48th Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation in Islamabad. Details: “I believe Islamic principles have never been more threatened than […]

March 22, 2022

Ertugral-famed actress Esra Bilgic starred in a Victoria’s Secret campaign and (apparently) Pakistani men are feeling ditched

What happened: On 19 March, Ertugral actress, Esra Bilgic, who is popularly known as Halima Sultan, took to her Instagram account where she shared her Victoria’s Secret ad campaign. The collaboration was in regards to promoting their recent lingerie collection, ‘Love Cloud.’ The huge Pakistan fan-following was quick to notice the video and expressed their […]

March 22, 2022

Here’s how a Lahori woman’s experience went with an app-based ride service

Note: The user told Propergaanda that she later received an apology call from the company. What happened: On March 20, a Lahore resident named Bismah Azhar took to her Twitter account where she shared screenshots of her chat with SWVL’s customer service based on her complain of them selling AC tickets when they have a […]

March 21, 2022

Karachi restaurant waiters open fire on each other amid public

What happened: On March 20, a Karachi resident took to Facebook group, ‘The SWOT’s Guide to KARACHI Restaurants Cafes Dhabas,’ sharing a video of Saltanat Restaurant, located at Dalmia Road, where waiters opened fire on each other due to a fight. Details: In his caption, the Karachiite wrote, “Fight between waiters. Straight firing. It was […]

March 20, 2022

Presenting 6 guidelines focused on ‘Islamic teachings,’ Ministry of Religious Affairs proposes ban on Ramazan game shows

What happened: On March 19, the Ministry of Religious Affairs proposed a ban on game shows airing during the holy month this year. In addition, the ministry has also established six principles in light of prior year’s when the transmissions were based on ‘entertainment.’ Click here to see the notice issued by the ministry of […]

March 19, 2022

KPK’s trans-murder rate is 15 times more than the highest in El Salvador, says Dr.Moiz

What happened: In the wake of the recent killing of trans-people, Dr.Moiz Mehrub Awan took to her Twitter handle and stated the that the murder rate of transgender persons in Khyber Pakhtunkwa is 789 per 100k people, “The highest murder rate is in El Salvador at 52 per 100k people,” as Dr.Awan claimed that KPK’s […]

March 18, 2022

Being Punjab’s education minister, shouldn’t Muraad Raas be more careful about his choice of words?

What happened: On March 18, PTI Punjab Education Minister, Murad Raas tweeted regarding the Sindh House as he stated, “Sindh House has been turned into a Political Brothel. Political prostitutes are running in and out of this Brothel. Head Pimp – Asif Ali Bemareee.” Click here to see Raas’ tweet and people calling him out […]

March 18, 2022

Pervez Musharraf met Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt in a Dubai gym?

What happened: Pervez Musharraf, the former president of Pakistan, is said to have met Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt, according to reports. The photo of the two made rounds on social media, with many speculating that they met at a gym in the Gulf state, but this could not be officially verified. Details: Senior PML-N leader […]

March 17, 2022

After hifz classes, this Karachi kid sells homemade roll-samosey to support his mother

What happened: On March 12, Facebook user, Rehan A.Lari (@rehaanlari) posted a picture of a kid in Facebook group, Empathy Pakistan (Official), who sells homemade rolls and samosey infront of Zakia Masjid, Paposh Nagar, Karachi from 6pm to 8pm. Details: In his Urdu-written caption, Lari stated, “Malum kerne pe pata chala ke shaam 5 bajay […]

March 17, 2022

Lahore will soon see its first trans-person school under the directives of Punjab Education Minister

What happened: On March 15, the Punjab School Education Department announced the opening of a transgender school in the provincial capital’s Barkat Market. Details: The department has chosen to convert Barkat Market’s Government Girls High School into a transgender school. It will be the city’s first school for the city’s marginalised community. At a ceremony, […]

March 16, 2022

Pakistani startups have raised $563.5 million since 2015, says Pakistan Startup Ecosystem Report ‘21

What happened: According to the Pakistan Startup Ecosystem Report 2021, which was released on March 15, startups in Pakistan have raised PKR Rs.42.9 billion ($563.5 million) in 255 deals since 2015, with $350 million raised in 83 deals in 2021 alone. Details: Invest2Innovate’s Insights team acquired data from 150 businesses, 17 investors, and 20 entrepreneurial […]

March 16, 2022

Pakistani rupee records highest US dollar surge by Rs.178.98

What happened: The United States Dollar (USD) touched an all-time high versus the Pakistani rupee after rising by Rs0.47 in the interbank on March 15. Details: The US dollar rose Rs0.49 to Rs178.98 on the first day of the week, from Rs178.51 the previous day. The dollar briefly touched Rs179 in the interbank market during […]

March 16, 2022

In a rare occurrence, female qazi performs Nikkah of former Indian president’s great-grandson

What happened: In an unusual occurrence, on March 11, a female qazi performed the marriage ceremony of former President Zakir Hussain’s great-grandson. Former Planning Commission member, Syeda Saiyadain Hameed took on the role of qazi to officiate Rahman and Ursila Ali’s nikaah. Details: “The terms set forth in the nikaahnama were drafted under the auspices […]

March 15, 2022

COAS General Bajwa visited LUMS campus and here’s how it went

What happened: On March 14, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, the Chief of Army Staff, paid a visit to the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) where he interacted with university students for 7 hours and answered their questions as well. Click here to see students of LUMS sharing their experience with Bajwa. Details: Several students […]

March 15, 2022

#DChowkWillChokeNiazi: PML-N officials call supporters to also arrange public meeting at PTI’s rally

What happened: On March 14, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz called on party officials and workers to prepare to travel to Islamabad’s D-Chowk. The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has decided to hold a “massive” public meeting at D-Chowk on March 27, telling MPs that they will fight their way through a crowd of “one million” to get […]

March 15, 2022

Pakistan Women’s Cricket marks 18 consecutive losses from 1983 to 1992 World Cup

What happened: Pakistan’s weak  form in the 2022 World Cup continues as they lose their fourth match by 9 runs against debutant Bangladesh in a close affair. With this loss, they have now tied for the greatest losing streak in World Cup history with the Men’s Zimbabwe side, which lost 18 World Cup matches over […]

March 12, 2022

Under AIG Karachi’s new directive, police officers cannot avail free meals at restaurants anymore

What happened: On March 10, Ghulam Nabi Memom, the Additional Inspector General of Police (AIG) of Karachi, barred cops from receiving free meals from hotels and restaurants in the city. The directive: AIG Memon issued a directive to the DIGs of three zones in Karachi, stating that complaints had been received about officers availing free […]

March 10, 2022

Afghan activists stopped by Taliban from carrying out blood drive in Women’s Day honour

What happened: According to activists, the Taliban disrupted a blood donation event organised by women activists to commemorate International Women’s Day on March 8. Details: Monesa Mubarez, the president of a women’s rights organisation, claimed the group planned to organise a protest outside a Kabul hospital with seven other activists. However, due to the Taliban’s […]

March 9, 2022

A much-needed revival of the old times as Bilal Maqsood releases 8 Urdu nursery rhymes

What happened: On March 7, Strings founder Bilal Maqsood announced that he has written, composed,and sang eight nursery songs in Urdu, in partnership with Peek Freans Gluco. The animated rhymes can be found on YouTube as Maqsood stated that his primary goal was to deliver quality Urdu content to Pakistani children. Details: Giving a sneak-peak […]

March 9, 2022

Islamabad’s Monal Restaurant to be de-sealed under Supreme Court directives

What happened: On March 8, the Supreme Court halted the Jan 11 Islamabad High Court decision to seal and take control of the Monal Restaurant in the scenic Margalla Hills. Details: “The IHC’s unsigned ruling shall be suspended,” ruled a three-judge Supreme Court panel led by Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan. As a result, the Monal Restaurant will […]

March 7, 2022

Aurat March Lahore ‘strongly condemns’ city administration after it denies security to participants

What happened: On March 6, Aurat March Lahore filed a suit in the Lahore High Court, asking for the protection of women’s right to march on International Women’s Day (March 8) as the city administration, for its part, has not responded to the Aurat March organisers’ notification of the planned event. Details: According to the […]

March 7, 2022

Quetta man (with brother as accomplice) gunned down wife and her family of 5 for not giving son’s custody

What happened: On the night of March 4, a man named Wali Khan, and his brother, Saddam, killed his former wife, Hanifa, and five other members of her family, including a six-year-old girl, in the Nawan Killi region of Quetta. Details: The woman’s mother, father, brother, sister, and another relative are among the dead, according […]

March 7, 2022

15 Pakistanis (including women) decided to stay back in Ukraine, says Pakistan Embassy

What happened: According to the Pakistan embassy in Ukraine, 15 Pakistanis, including nine asylum seekers and six students, have refused to leave the war-torn country. Details: Dawn quoted the information as: “What makes it even more unusual is the fact that five of the students are girls.” On March 5, On Saturday, the Pakistani embassy […]

March 5, 2022

CCTV footage captures Peshawar suicide bombers reaching the mosque in rickshaw

What happened: On March 4, the terrorists involved in Peshawar mosque suicide bombing was discovered by the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) after a suicide assault on an imambargah in Peshawar’s Kocha Risaldar district killed at least 56 people and injured almost 200 others on Friday. Details: It was a suicide attack, according to Inspector General Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, […]

March 4, 2022

30 killed in Peshawar mosque bomb blast

What happened: On March 4, according to police and rescue personnel, a bomb exploded during Friday prayers at a mosque in Qissa Khwani bazaar in the Kocha Risaldar neighbourhood of Peshawar, killing at least 30 people. Details: The injured are being rushed to Lady Reading Hospital by emergency crews, who are assisted by homeowners and […]

March 4, 2022

Under PECA Act, FIA arrests Rawalpindi man for uploading child pornography on social media

What happened: On March 3, Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Cybercrime Wing in Rawalpindi arrested a man named Waqaullah Usmani on suspicion of posting child pornography and objectionable videos and photographs on social media. Details: Usmani, a resident of Park Lane, Rawalpindi Cantonment, as been charged under the PECA Act, and further investigation is underway as […]

March 4, 2022

Fire erupts at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant after Russian shelling

What happened: On March 4, Russian soldiers continued attacking key energy-producing city in Ukraine by shelling Europe’s largest nuclear plant, Zaporizhzhia, causing a fire and increasing fears that radiation could seep from the damaged power plant. Click here to see Ukraine’s foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba warns against the attack as ‘if it blows up, it […]

March 4, 2022

#IStandWithImaanMazari: Twitter condemns sedation case filed against the human rights activist

What happened: On March 1, after she took part in a Baloch students’ protest outside the National Press Club the Islamabad police filed sedition charges against human rights activist and lawyer, Imaan Zainab Mazari, the daughter of Federal Minister for Human Rights, Shireen Mazari. Click here to see #IStandWithImaanMazari trending on Twitter as people condemn […]

March 3, 2022

Football club Chelsea could possibly see Pakistani entrepreneur Javed Afridi as its new owner

What happened: On March 2, Khaleej Times reported that Pakistani businessman and owner of PSL team Peshawar Zalmi, Javed Afridi has expressed interest in purchasing Chelsea, one of the most well-known and largest football clubs in the Premier League. Details: According to sources, Roman Abramovich, the present owner of English football team, Chelsea and a […]

March 2, 2022

War-hit Ukraine receives $34 million in crypto currency as donations

What happened: On March 1, $33.8 million in bitcoin has been donated to Ukraine’s government and non-governmental organisations, according to blockchain analytics firm, Elliptic, a service that records crypto currency transactions. Details: Elliptic’s Chief Scientist, Tom Robinson stated the majority of donations so far have been in bitcoin and ether. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are […]

March 2, 2022

First Lady Samina Alvi distributes laptops to 22 differently-abled women

What happened: On March 1, First Lady Samina Alvi paid a visit to the Society for Special Persons’ (SSP) customised wheelchair manufacturing factory, where she distributed 22 laptops to physically challenged girls as part of the e-empowerment campaign for people with disabilities. Details: Alvi praised the work of the differently-abled employees at the wheelchair manufacturing […]

March 2, 2022

Suffering from cerebral palsy, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s son passes away at 26

What happened: According to an internal Microsoft email to its executive team, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s son, Zain Nadella passed away on Feb 28. The 26-year-old was born with cerebral palsy, which, a spectrum of illnesses that affects a person’s ability to walk, balance, and maintain posture. Details: The Zain Nadella Endowed Chair in Paediatric […]

March 1, 2022

Shaukat Mukadam refutes humors of ‘reaching compromise’ with Zahir Jaffer as he demands early execution of Noor’s murderer

What happened: On Feb 28, Shaukat Mukadam, the father of Noor Mukadam, who was killed by Zahir Jaffer in July 2021, has denied rumours that the family was close to making an agreement with the perpetrator. Details: While talking to Express Tribune, Mukadam said, “Some people should be careful while talking about any compromise which […]

February 25, 2022

Did Indonesian teachers actually burn students’ smartphones as punishment?

What happened: On Feb 24, sharing a video from @fakta.indo, India Today reported that Indonesian school teachers were recorded throwing smartphones, belonging to their students, in a barrel of fire. Click here to see the video in question. Details: In the video, a teacher can be seen tossing iPhones into a barrel of fire while […]

February 25, 2022

US regulators imposed Rs.9.6 billion fine on National Bank of Pakistan’s NYC branch for ‘not complying’ federal laws

What happened: On Feb 24, after severe problems were discovered by US regulators, the National Bank of Pakistan agreed to pay Rs9.6 billion ($55.4 million) and give plans for enhancing compliance at its New York City branch. Details: The sanctions were imposed by the US Federal Reserve, the country’s central bank, and New York State […]

February 25, 2022

Here’s why Pakistan saw a hike in gold prices after Ukraine’s invasion; petroleum surge expected next

What happened: On Feb 24, gold prices in Pakistan rose to Rs.130,300 per tola (2.6%) as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine heightened fears of a European war and drove investors away from risky assets and into safe-haven assets. Meanwhile fuel prices in Pakistan may also rise again due to global oil prices soaring to $105 per […]

February 24, 2022

This Pakistani VFX artist bagged an Oscar nominee in ‘Best Visual Effects’

What happened: On Feb 21, visual artist and daughter of veteran singer Attaullah Esakhelvi, Laraib Atta (@laraib.atta) congratulated her team on their Oscar and BAFTA nominations for their work on James Bond’s latest film ‘No Time to Die.’ Details: For the latest Bond film, Atta announced on social media that her team got nominated in […]

February 23, 2022

PPP former Senator Rehman Malik passes away at 70

What happened: On Feb 23, senior PPP leader and former senator, Rehman Malik passed away in Islamabad due to coronavirus-related complications, according to his spokesperson Riaz Ali Turi on Twitter as he wrote: “Sorrow, pain and grief are indescribable. All are requested to pray for his soul.” Click here to see Turi’s tweet announcing Malik’s […]

February 22, 2022

Lahore tailor fined Rs.51,500 by consumer court for ‘poor stitching and late delivery’

What happened: On Feb 21, ARY News reported that a tailor in Lahore was fined Rs51,500 for poor stitching and late delivery of outfits. Details: Reportedly, a man named Muhammad Shahbaz Chishti filed a consumer court complaint against tailor Muhamamd Hafeez for bad stitching and late delivery of two clothes he gave him on April […]

February 22, 2022

In a bid to control population, singer Shehzad Roy wants PM Imran Khan to make contraceptives tax free

What happened: On Feb 18, well-known musician and Pakistan’s goodwill ambassador for population and family planning, Shehzad Roy took to his Twitter account and highlighted the country’s lack of contraception availability as it could assist in population control.  Click here to see Roy’s tweet addressing PM Imran Khan, Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin and IMF Details: […]

February 21, 2022

Bill to make defamation on social media a punishable offense sent for cabinet approval, says Minister Fawad Chaudhry

What happened: On Feb 19, Information Minister Chaudhry Fawad Husain took to his Twitter account where he stated that two laws have been sent to the cabinet for approval, one of them being a bill to make defamation on social media a ‘punishable offense.’ Details: Pakistan’s government has already attempted to implement new Internet restrictions, […]

February 20, 2022

Inflation responsible for rise in Karachi street crimes, says CM Murad Ali Shah

What happened: On Feb 19, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah admitted to the rise in street crime in Karachi as he expressed alarm about an increase in armed muggings and homicides, adding that the country’s “deteriorating economic situation” are to be blamed for the surge. Details: He expressed his thoughts to reporters at […]

February 19, 2022

Karachi-based journalist alleges Pakistani singer Ali Noor sexually harassed her

What happened: On Feb 18, journalist, Ayesha Binte Rashid (@balancingbinte) took to her Instagram account where she posted a few screenshots of messages exchanged with Pakistani band, Noorie’s Ali Noor (@thisisalinoor) in which she accused the singer of sexual harassment. Click here to see the screenshots shared by Ayesha on her Instagram handle. Details: In […]

February 18, 2022

This 24 year-old woman made history by becoming first Victoria’s secret model with Down Syndrome

What happened: On Feb 17, NPR reported Sofa Jirau became the first model with Down syndrome to become a part of Victoria’s Secret newest Valentine campaign as she joined 17 other women. Details: Jirau, who is also Latina, is part of the Love Cloud collection, which depicts women from “a wide range of backgrounds,” according […]

February 17, 2022

Pakistan’s history saw 28% vacant seats in medical colleges for the first time: reports

What happened: On Feb 17, Dawn reported that for the first time in the country’s history, more than 28% of public and private medical and dentistry colleges could not be filled this year, totaling 5,873 seats. Details: The Pakistan Medical Commission has established a policy to fill the vacant seats for the 2021-22 session in […]

February 16, 2022

Journalist Mohsin Baig’s son alleges law enforcement officers arrested his father for raising voice against government

What happened: On Feb 16, journalist Mohsin Baig’s son alleged his father was arrest as he claimed the Federal Investigation Agency’s Cyber Crime Wing, along with the police, stormed the journalist’s home in Islamabad and brought him into jail. Details: According to his son, FIA agents in plainclothes came to the house and arrested his […]

February 14, 2022

This 30 year-old Saudi woman’s passion for vehicles led her to become world’s first female crane driver

What happened: Arab News reported on Feb 11 that since she was 13 years old, Merryhan Al-Baz (@merryhanalbaz) has been dismantling cars and pursuing her interest in the world of automobiles. Her father’s interest in motors and engines inspired the 30 year-old to volunteer as a recovery marshal at the Diriyah E-Prix Jan 2022, making […]

February 14, 2022

These 4 Pakistani ACCA students achieved world distinction in different finance subjects

What happened: According to Startup Pakistan, four Pakistani students achieved global distinction in The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) exams which were held in Dec 2021. Candidates and their distinction: Arham Ali and Usama Maharir, both from Lahore, topped the Maintaining Financial Records and Managing Costs & Finance exams, respectively. In the Management Function […]

February 14, 2022

Rs34 billion worth drugs being smuggled to Dubai in 2,172 rosewater bottles confiscated in Karachi

What happened: On Feb 13, the Anti-Narcotics Force confiscated drugs worth over Rs34 billion hidden in rosewater bottles at Karachi International Containers Terminal.  Details: The 1,086 litres of Ketamine (a cocaine-like narcotic) were on their way to Dubai before being intercepted by the ANF intelligence and port control units. The officers seized the container, which […]

February 10, 2022

With QR code hanging around his neck, this Indian beggar carries e-wallet and only accepts digital payments

What happened: On Feb 8, ANI reported that with a QR code sign around his neck and a smart tablet, Raju Patel, a 40 year-old beggar from Bihar, India, asks for alms at Bettiah Railway Station which allows people to pay him digitally. Back story: Sharing his story with the publication, Patel says that after […]

February 8, 2022

Karnataka Muslim girl replies with chants of ‘Allahu Akbar’ to Indian men mocking her hijab with saffron shawls

What happened: On Feb 7, after a bunch of Hindutvas, wearing saffron shawls who were shouting ‘Jai Shri Ram,’ mocked a Muslim college girl’s headscarf at Mandya PES College, the student in reply chanted ‘Allahu Akbar’ as she was approaching her classroom. Click here to see the video of the situation in question. Details: The […]

February 8, 2022

Supreme Court rejects petition seeking for increase in parliament minority seats

What happened: On Feb 7, a petition seeking to raise the number of seats reserved for minorities in the National Assembly and provincial legislatures was denied by the Supreme Court. The petition: The petition was heard by a two-member court led by Justice Ijazul Ahsan. The lawyer argued that given the country’s rapid population growth […]

February 8, 2022

Right-wing Hindus call for boycotting Hyundai cars after the company tweeted in solidarity with Kashmir

What happened: On Feb 7, hardliners in India demanded a boycott of Hyundai Motor Company, citing a post by the company’s Pakistani partner expressing solidarity with the people of Indian-Occupied Kashmir (IOK) who are fighting for self-determination. Back story: Indians were outraged by a post on Nishat Group’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages on Feb […]

February 5, 2022

It is time the world takes notice of India’s grave human rights violation in IIOJK, says Prime Minister Imran Khan

What happened: On Feb 5, Prime Minister Imran Khan took to his Twitter account and stated on the occasion of Kashmir Day: “It is time the world takes notice of India’s grave human rights violations in IIOJK which include crimes against humanity, war crimes & genocidal acts.” Click here to see what the premiere has […]

February 5, 2022

Earthquake of magnitude 5.9 jolts Islamabad, Peshawar and other parts of the country

What happened: On Feb 5, a 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and several other cities of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at 9:16 a.m. Details: According to the National Seismic Monitoring Centre in Islamabad, the quake struck at a depth of 210 kilometres, with its epicentre in the Hindukush Region of Afghanistan. Jolts were felt […]

February 5, 2022

Pakistan is the 4th largest motorbike manufacturer in the world, says Prime Minister Imran Khan

What happened: On Feb 2, a day before leaving for his visit to Beijing, Prime Minister Imran Khan met with prominent businessmen in Islamabad where he stated that Pakistan has surpassed China as the world’s fourth largest bike manufacturer. Details: Regarding the automobile industry, PM Khan noted that tractor exports increased by 10%, with the […]

February 5, 2022

Another giraffe at Lahore Zoo dies due to blood infection; one female giraffe left now

What happened: On Feb 4, zoo director, Mudassir Hussain reported that a 10-year-old male giraffe passed away at Lahore Zoo, reportedly due to “blood infection.” Details: It is pertinent to mention that only one pair of giraffes existed at the zoo, and following the death of the ten-year-old animal, only a female giraffe is left […]

February 4, 2022

Another government college in Karnataka, India denies entry to hijab-niqab wearing girls

What happened: On Feb 3, over 20 females from the Government Pre University College in Kundapur, Karnataka’s Udupi district, were barred entry in their college by their teachers for wearing hijab and niqab. Back story: The hijab ‘ban’ in Kundapur comes after a PU college in Udupi prohibited students from wearing the headscarf in the […]

February 4, 2022

Rohail Hyatt’s Coke Studio Season 3 ‘Jugni’ claimed by music platform ‘Bquate’ 11 years after its release

What happened: On Feb 3, celebrated Vital Signs musician and former Coke Studio producer, Rohail Hyatt took to his Twitter account where he asked for YouTube’s help in reclaiming his Coke Studio Season 3 release ‘Jugni,’ sang by Arif Lohar and Meesha Shafi 11 years ago, as it’s now licensed to music platform named Bquate […]

February 4, 2022

Sindh Wildlife Department recovers 2 leopard cats priced at 200,000 after raiding Karachi’s Empress Market

What happened: During a raid on Feb 3, two leopard cats were recovered by the Sindh Wildlife Department from Karachi’s birds market in Empress Market, and arrested the man selling them. Details: SWD raid team was notified through social media posts shared by social activists that someone was selling leopards at the site. Both cats […]

February 3, 2022

India refused visas to Pakistani pilgrims enroute to Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti’s Dargah in Ajmer

What happened: On Feb 2, India denied visas to Pakistani pilgrims at the eleventh hour, preventing them from visiting the traditional Urs of Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti in Ajmer from Feb 3 to Feb 14. Details: The Indian embassy directed the ministry to complete all the preparations for pilgrims’ departure to the Urs, while adhering to […]

February 2, 2022

#JusticeForSatanLal: Hindu businessman killed in Ghotki for not giving up his land to ‘influential people’

What happened: On Feb 1, a Hindu businessman, Satan Lal, was shot dead in Ghotki, allegedly by powerful members of the Dahar community. Subsequently, a large group of protestors blocked the National Highway to protest against Lal’s murder, demanding justice for the deceased. Click here to see #JusticeForSatanLal trending on Twitter. Details: Lal’s friend, Mukhi […]

February 2, 2022

Meesha Shafi requests to be cross-examined via video link from Canada; court issues notice to Ali Zafar

What happened: In a defamation suit filed by singer-actor, Ali Zafar, a sessions court issued a notice to him on Feb 2, following an application submitted by Meesha Shafi, asking permission to record her remaining cross-examination through a video link from Canada. Details: According to the document filed by her lawyer, Saqib Jillani, Shafi claims […]

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