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Shikari har mard nahi, Shikaar har aurat tu hai

Mein samjhti rahi, “Maybe it is me. It may be the way I dress, I talk, I walk, I act. Obviously, why would people point

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“Ye kia Bollywood Day mana rahay?” The country says while praising ‘blockbuster’ Pathaan

While Pakistanis know how to make absolutely unnecessary content go viral, we come across another trend of #BanLums on Twitter and Instagram whilst students enjoy

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Are Punjab farmlands under threat because of RUDA’s luxury housing plan? Here’s what you need to know

Farmers are staging protests and also held a rally in the Ravi project area after a joint team of the Ravi Urban Development Authority (Ruda),

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Asif Jah ki Haveli aur uski Kahani

Asif Jah ki Haveli is named after Asif Khan who was Empress Noor Jahan’s half-brother and Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s father-in-law. According to historians, it

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Gen. Bajwa is retiring soon; who will be the next COAS?

What happened: Lieutenant generals Muhammad Amir and Asim Munir have emerged as the front-runners for the position of COAS. But Munir will be retiring on

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At COP27 this year, Pakistan needs rich countries to pay up for flood catastrophe

What you need to know: Every year, the United Nations holds climate conferences to encourage governments to agree on policies directed towards minimizing the global

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Before you praise Andrew turned Adnan Tate, don’t forget why he was banned from all social platforms

What happened: In the recent news, Andrew Tate has converted to Islam, and a particular niche of the population has welcomed him warmly.Muhammad Saleh and

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Does brown representation really matter if UK’s new PM is richer than the King and hates the poor?

What happened: One estimate puts the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak’s net worth at around $800 million, which is greater than

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Now we know why it is so easy for Feroze Khan to play abusive roles…

What happened: Yesterday, Syeda Aliza shared graphic images of domestic abuse she was subjected to by her husband & famous actor, Feroze Khan. The evidence

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Karachi is getting its first solar park (finally!)

What happened: Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has begun construction of the city’s first solar park in an effort to generate sustainable energy while reducing the burden