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Here’s why Malala is coming to Lahore this week

What happened: Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai and her father Ziauddin Yousafzai, will visit Lahore this week for a series of meetings with media, students, government

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High-end designer supports ISL’s decision of censoring trans activist as her kids study there; here’s how Dr. Moiz replied

On Aug 17, high-end designer Maria Fatima Butt took to her Instagram stories to support ISL x TED’s decision of removing policy practitioner and trans-activist,

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CIRCLE and L’ORÉAL come together to celebrate graduates of the Digital Literacy program from Karachi

The women-led not-for-profit tech organization CIRCLE, collaborating with L’Oréal Fund for Women celebrated graduates of its Digital Literacy Program in Karachi this Tuesday with utmost gusto.

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This Lahore dentist is accused of misleading patients with fake Harvard degree

Note: Team Propergaanda reached out to Dr. Aleem Rehman for his side of the story but he didn’t reply. *Names have been changed to maintain

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4.7 million children in KPK are out of right now; here’s why it matters

Details: According to official sources in the E&SE Department, the figure of 15,000 new government schools appeared in the department’s internal assessment when it began

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Here’s why students want Federal Board to delay exams till July

What happened: An Instagram account, @delayboardexams2022_ is calling out for attention over the matter of Federal Board exams as they claim their session began in


South Waziristan to get its 1st ever education city under KPK’s supervision

What happened: The administration of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa plans to build an education city in the militant South Waziristan tribal territory. It will be the province’s

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Here’s why KPK women university banned smartphones 

What happened: On Apr 19, Women University Swabi, situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, imposed a ban on smartphones within the premises of the institution, effective from

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This powerful tribute by a daughter to her mother will make your day

What happened: A Twitter user named Dhanak Ali (twt/qauseqazza) took to her Twitter account to announce that her mother got offered by Harvard University for

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Pro PTI teachers reportedly harass students on their political leanings

Parent no.1: On Apr 12, a Twitter user took to her account sharing how her son’s English teacher screamed at students when they were asked