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The concept, the art, the ‘Sukoon’ – in conversation with Hassan & Roshan

In a candid conversation with Propergaanda’s Fatima Ahmed, the famous pop-duo Hassan & Roshan and the producer, Nael Hafeez, took us down the road of

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16 years of Sophiya Anjam: the powerhouse which keeps radio alive with her contagious energy

Pakistanis think that radio is a dying scope and everything is being diverted towards the digital medium, whereas radio can be the most fun experience

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Pakistan’s youngest self-published author has been telling stories about Balochistan since she was 11

Details: Alishba Khan Barech, who kicked off her career as a self-published author, started writing her 1st book when she was just 11 years old!

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This local NGO is bringing government’s attention towards e-cigarettes being a safer option than smoking

Details: Mirza Abeer is the founder of a registered non-profit organisation called Association for Smoking Alternatives Pakistan (ASAP) whose main goal has always been to

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Lyari is magic, Lyari is ‘Mini Brazil’

Once known as a violence-ridden neighbourhood, Lyari is now a hotbed of football fanatics which is why it is now hailed as ‘Mini Brazil.’ Guns

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How ‘Daftarkhwan’ is changing the game of emerging startups in Pakistan

About Daftarkhwan: Founded in 2016 as an experimental 20-people co-working facility, Daftarkhwan has swiftly grown to a spectacular 125,000+ square feet with 7 unique sites across

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Talk about creativity, fashion and aesthetics and you can’t exclude Habiba Rahman

BazaarTalks: When it comes to digital content creators, very few personalities can justify their creativity and win the hearts of the audience. Among those few,

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Love & hate come together, it’s what YOU choose to see; here’s why Baekartoot is our favourite!

In today’s era, it is easy to set up a public profile and claim to be a content creator. But what differentiates you from others

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Child-parent relationship is a mixed bag of burnout & love which is why ‘Majboor-e-Mamool’ felt so real

What you need to know: ‘Majboor-e-Maamool’ by Haaris Qadri recently won Best Canadian Short Film award for National Film Board of Canada at Reel Asian

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This 20 year-old represented Pakistan in a beauty pageant which proved to be the best experience for her

Who is Aneesa Sheikh: Aneesa Sheikh is a 20 year-old Pakistani-American who is currently pursuing a dual degree in economics and Communications at the University