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This Indian couple is suing their son and daughter-in-law for ‘not giving them a grandchild’

What happened: We didn’t care for gender, just wanted a grandchild; these are the words of an upset Indian couple who is suing their only

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Karachiites owe their heritage to this Jewish architect

Who was Moses Somake? He was an Iraqi Jewish architect who was born in Lahore on June 6, 1875. He lived in Karachi for much

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This 100 year-old man’s dedication led him towards world record of working at same company for 84 years!

What happened: Last month, Walter Orthmann turned 100 years old and broke the world record for the longest career at the same company. According to

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Indian passengers beat the heat with this rickshaw driver’s ‘roof garden’

What happened: Mahendra Kumar’s rickshaw in Delhi stands out among the traffic because of its small garden on the vehicle’s roof which protects passengers from

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Global Warming: Climate change minister warns of heatwave and calls for taking climate crisis seriously 

What happened: Sherry Rehman, the federal minister for Climate Change, stated that Pakistan is now facing a never before seen heatwave across the country, with

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This British man drinks his own urine to look ‘young forever’

What happened: A vegan man named Harry Matadeen who drinks his own urine claims it is his ‘secret to eternal youth’ and helps him to

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London woman marries pet cat to overcome landlord’s restrictions 

What happened: A 49-year-old lady, Deborah Hodge in London married her cat named India, to get past a landlord’s requirement of not renting out apartment

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‘I am a victim of domestic violence and my ex-wife broke me’: Johnny Depp

What happened: On Apr 25, actor Johnny Depp finished his testimony in the defamation case he filed against ex-wife Amber Heard, stating he was a

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This Lahore man’s rooftop is home to 20,000 birds; and here’s what they’re worth

What happened: A Lahore man named Muhammad Ali calls his house’s rooftop ‘Bird Hut’ as it is home to 20,000 birds which are worth Rs

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US man wins $450k lawsuit after unwanted surprise birthday triggered panic attacks

What happened: A Kentucky man named Kevin Berling was awarded $450,000 as compensation after his firm threw him a surprise birthday celebration despite his warnings