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Life without Panadol? GSK suspends its manufacture as they were going in loss

What happened: Panadol production has been suspended by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Pakistan. The company claims that producing the over-the-counter pharmaceutical on negative margins has become

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66 decaying bodies found at Nishtar Hospital have been buried but their identity still remains a mystery

What happened: The 66 decaying bodies, found at the rooftop of Nishtar Hospital, Multan, were buried on October 19 by the Edhi Foundation and the

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This 100 year-old neurologist is the oldest practising doctor

What happened: The oldest practising doctor in the world, Dr. Howard Tucker, is a 100 years old neurologist from Ohio, United States who says he

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Punjab CM orders suspension of hospital staff & police officials for displaying negligence

What happened: The Chief Minister of Punjab, Chaudhry Pervez Elahi issued an order on October 17 which directed suspension of police officers and employees of


Hypnotherapy For Motivation Getting The Drive Back

For those of us who want to say thank you to our moms, it’s not always easy to put those big feelings in words. Which