June 20, 2022

Here are 5 bodies doing roadside dastarkhwans in Karachi

As the sun sets in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, volunteers begin setting out traditional dishes and beverages on dozens of tables throughout Karachi. Others roll large plastic mats onto the stony footpaths and fill them with food.Fasting requires patience of our body, mind, and soul, and this patience makes us conscious of the […]

June 15, 2022

While people struggle to buy petrol, Pakistan gets its 1st electric vehicle-charging station

What happened: According to reports, Pakistan has constructed the country’s first fast-charging station for vehicles, which will allow electric vehicles to be charged in 15 to 20 minutes. Details: Small electric vehicles will be charged Rs 2,000, while large electric vehicle owners have to pay Rs 4,000, according to Abdul Haseeb Khan, CEO of LIBRA […]

May 27, 2022

56 year-old celebrated mountaineer Ali Raza Sadpara passes away

What happened: Ali Raza Sadpara, the renowned 56 year-old Pakistani mountaineer, succumbed to his injuries and passed away early Friday morning (today) in Skardu, weeks after a fall that left him gravely injured.  Previously: On May 17, the climber tumbled over a cliff and plunged into a ditch, sustaining serious injuries. He was brought to […]

May 19, 2022

This Pakistani vlogger travelled for 50 days on motorcycle to perform Umrah

What happened: A Pakistani vlogger named Abrar Hassan has been to 80 countries, among 12 of them on a motorcycle. This year Hassan embarked on a bike journey to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. Details: Hassan left his hometown of Nankana Sahib in Pakistan’s Punjab region on February 9 to go on a journey that […]

May 17, 2022

He’s just 20. Shehroze Kashif becomes youngest mountaineer to summit top 4 high peaks of the world

What happened: On May 16, Pakistani mountaineer Shehroze Kashif proceeded to make history by climbing Mount Lhotse in Nepal, the world’s fourth-highest peak at 8,615 metres. What you need to know: Shehroze became the youngest mountaineer to summit the world’s top four highest peaks and the fourth Pakistani to scale six of the world’s fourteen […]

May 14, 2022

Lahore woman shares stressful experience with Air Blue’s ‘faulty’ website and ‘incompetent’ staff

Recently, Team ProperGaanda, reached out to Neeshay, a Lahore resident who wanted to travel to Dubai via Air Blue but was unable to due to their ‘faulty’ website and ‘incompetent’ staff.  What happened: A few days back, Neeshay and her friend were set to buy tickets online, “We went to the Air Blue website and […]

May 7, 2022

NASA will now be sending nudes to the space, hoping aliens would reply back

What happened: NASA is hoping that sending nudes will finally entice aliens to contact them. The agency intends to send photographs of naked people into space. However, the images are not as sinister as they appear; they are simply basic anatomical sketches of a man and a woman. They’re even waving to make humans appear […]

May 7, 2022

Suzuki is all set to make its ‘flying-car’ debut

What happened: Suzuki, the famous Japanese automaker, has announced a commercial partnership with SkyDrive in the race to develop a flying car. The pair confirmed in a joint statement that they would collaborate to bring an eVTOL (electric vehicle take-off and landing aircraft) to market. Details: Although Suzuki no longer sells cars in the United […]

May 7, 2022

North Carolina riders had to hold on upside down for 45 mins after roller coaster stopped midway

What happened: A roller coaster at Carowinds amusement park in North Carolina, US, abruptly stopped working, leaving riders upside down for 45 minutes. They ended up stuck in the Flying Cobra which sends riders in a 360-degree loop. The 125-foot-tall coaster can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour and flips six times […]

May 6, 2022

Indian passengers beat the heat with this rickshaw driver’s ‘roof garden’

What happened: Mahendra Kumar’s rickshaw in Delhi stands out among the traffic because of its small garden on the vehicle’s roof which protects passengers from the scorching summer heat. Details: Kumar claims that the thick green patch keeps the rickshaw cool even when temperature in the Indian capital reaches 45 degrees Celsius which is hot […]

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