July 2, 2022

Are aliens even real? North Korea alleges that ‘aliens’ responsible for Covid’s outbreak 

What happened: In a rather interesting development, North Korea has blamed South Korea for the Covid-19 outbreak worldwide. Bloomberg quotes, “North Korea blamed its Covid-19 outbreak on alien things likely sent by balloons across its border with South Korea.”  Details: Kim Jong Un’s government has advised, “To vigilantly deal with alien things coming by wind and other climate phenomena […]

July 1, 2022

History made; First African-American woman becomes US Supreme Court Judge 

What happened: Ketanji Brown Jackson was sworn in to become an associate justice of the US Supreme Court, making her the first African-American woman to serve in that role.  Details: Chief Justice John Roberts administered the constitutional oath for Ketanji Brown Jackson, and Associate Justice Stephen Breyer administered the Judicial Oath in the Supreme Court on Capitol […]

June 30, 2022

No votes, no water pump for you; PPP candidate uproots hand pump after he lost elections 

What happened: The Pakistan Peoples Party’s candidate in the Umerkot district uprooted the water pump he had installed after losing the elections. ARY News reported on the incident, “A furious PPP candidate uprooted hand pump after failing to get votes in the first phase of local government elections in Sindh.”  Details: The publication further noted that the strange […]

June 30, 2022

‘One in million’ Thailand man gets Covid-19 from a cat 

What happened: It has been reported that scientists in Thailanad have claimed that a pet cat had passed SARS-CoV-2 to a veterinary surgeon, whereas it is pertinent to mention that there have been no previous reports of cat-to-human transmission of Covid-19. The team of scientists in Thailand stated, “the first solid evidence of a pet cat infecting a person […]

June 29, 2022

No one’s returning now: A man in Chile gets paid 286 times his salary ‘accidentally’ 

What happened: The man who was accidentally paid 286 times his salary has now fled away, and as publications report, “he is not planning to return anytime soon.” The incident was reported from Chile and the man used to work at Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos in Cial, “he was paid a huge sum of 165,398,851 Chilean pesos,” which is equivalent […]

June 29, 2022

Who wants to live longer? Scientists are developing medicines that can help live to 200 years 

What happened: A British scientist, Dr. Andrew Steele, who is also a computational biologist, claims that he and his team are developing a new drug that can help humans live until the age of 200. Dr. Andrew Steele is also the same man who authored the book, “On longevity and how long humans can live for.”  What […]

June 29, 2022

52-year-old man travels to Makkah for Hajj on foot in 11 months 

What happened: Adam Muhammad arrived in Makkah after completing nearly eleven months of journey on foot to perform the Hajj 2022. The 52-year-old man’s development is quoted by Gulf Today as, “The brit of Kurdistan origin was overwhelmed with joy upon his arrival at the city.”  Details: Upon his arrival in the city, he was welcomed by a […]

June 28, 2022

Smoking weed can increase the chances of hospitalization by 25%

What happened: The University of Toronto published a study, which was authored by Nicholas Vozoris, an assistant professor at the university and said, “Cannabis use is not as benign and safe as some might think.” The study has further claimed, “Using recreational Marijuana is associated with a higher risk of emergency room care and being hospitalized for any reason.”  […]

June 28, 2022

Swat’s first Technology Park becomes operational in Mingora 

What happened: The picturesque location of Swat, Mingora, gets its first-ever technology park, “as it was set up in Swat under a public-private partnership.” It has been set up in Mingora with the help of the Pakistan Software Export Board in collaboration with Vertex Tower. The PSEB is quoted as, “A total of eight to ten companies can avail themselves of the office […]

June 28, 2022

Waiter shot dead by customer for adding ‘too much’ mayonnaise in a sandwich 

What happened: The incident was reported from Downtown Atlanta. A man complaining to the Subway restaurant administration shot the restaurant waiter for adding too much mayonnaise to the sandwich. The Associated Press was quoted, “Customer opened fire at an Atlanta sandwich shop, killing one employee and injuring another.”  Details: At the same time, it has been reported that the shooting incident […]

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