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Spanish ministry coins ‘Only Yes is a Yes’ law to counter victim-blaming in harassment cases

What happened: Spain has enacted a new law that requires sexual permission to be declared clearly rather than presumed by default or silence. The “only

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Guinness World Records might be including Karachi’s baby goat Simba for having the longest ears 

What happened: There are social media influencers and other media stars in Pakistan, but a baby goat in Pakistan, has recently caught the attention of millions

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Choice of faith and job; Over 100 Sikh guards lost jobs in Toronto due to the no-beard policy 

What happened: Nearly a hundred Sikhs working as security guards in Toronto lost their jobs and were demoted due to a mask-wearing policy under COVID-19-related restrictions.

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Not Pakistan but Japan imprisons guilty of cyberbullying with one year in prison 

What happened: Japan is now reportedly the only country in the world where one year in prison would now be imposed on individuals who are found

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For the very first time in history: India’s ruling party has no Muslim representation 

What happened: The government of Narendra Modi BJP now has zero representation of Muslim parliamentarians in their party. The development came after the Muslim parliamentarian and

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Three cafes shut in Iran due to allowing female visitors without veil 

What happened: Three cafes in Iran’s Qom were shut down by the authorities due to violations which included women visiting the cafes not wearing veils. It

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Bolivian wife pours boiling water on husband for dreaming of another woman 

What happened: The incident was reported from Bolivia’s La Paz, where an angry wife threw hot water on her sleeping husband’s body. A publication quotes her, “he was dreaming

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Did you know? Putting your phone on silent can force you to check your phone more frequently 

Interesting study: The researchers from Penn State have stated that the individuals who put their smartphones on silent to avoid social media distractions might just check

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Since 1920 each member of this Delhi family has been an MBBS doctor 

What happened: The Sabharwal family of Delhi has got a rare distinction of being the only family which is reported to have every single member of

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Traders urge govt to ban import of over 1000cc cars amid serious economic crisis 

What happened: Ikran Junaidi for Dawn, in a report, highlighted that the traders have advised the federal government to ban the import and use of over