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Time to chill; The CEO of billion-dollar company Jupiter quits to ‘Sit at the beach and do nothing’

What happened: The CEO, Andrew Formica, announced his resignation most dramatically as he said, “I just want to got sit at the beach and do nothing, and

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Are aliens even real? North Korea alleges that ‘aliens’ responsible for Covid’s outbreak 

What happened: In a rather interesting development, North Korea has blamed South Korea for the Covid-19 outbreak worldwide. Bloomberg quotes, “North Korea blamed its Covid-19 outbreak on

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History made; First African-American woman becomes US Supreme Court Judge 

What happened: Ketanji Brown Jackson was sworn in to become an associate justice of the US Supreme Court, making her the first African-American woman to serve

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No votes, no water pump for you; PPP candidate uproots hand pump after he lost elections 

What happened: The Pakistan Peoples Party’s candidate in the Umerkot district uprooted the water pump he had installed after losing the elections. ARY News reported on

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‘One in million’ Thailand man gets Covid-19 from a cat 

What happened: It has been reported that scientists in Thailanad have claimed that a pet cat had passed SARS-CoV-2 to a veterinary surgeon, whereas it is pertinent to

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No one’s returning now: A man in Chile gets paid 286 times his salary ‘accidentally’ 

What happened: The man who was accidentally paid 286 times his salary has now fled away, and as publications report, “he is not planning to return anytime

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Who wants to live longer? Scientists are developing medicines that can help live to 200 years 

What happened: A British scientist, Dr. Andrew Steele, who is also a computational biologist, claims that he and his team are developing a new drug that

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52-year-old man travels to Makkah for Hajj on foot in 11 months 

What happened: Adam Muhammad arrived in Makkah after completing nearly eleven months of journey on foot to perform the Hajj 2022. The 52-year-old man’s development is

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Smoking weed can increase the chances of hospitalization by 25%

What happened: The University of Toronto published a study, which was authored by Nicholas Vozoris, an assistant professor at the university and said, “Cannabis use is not

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Swat’s first Technology Park becomes operational in Mingora 

What happened: The picturesque location of Swat, Mingora, gets its first-ever technology park, “as it was set up in Swat under a public-private partnership.” It has been set