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PIA can actually never be sold despite the big f’ups

The speculations come and go, but the consistency with which PIA has made it utmost clear to be one the worst performing airlines has always

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Dollar is at Rs. 300 but who gives a f*ck because I’m a property dealer

Imagine cruising through the streets of Lahore, and you can’t help but notice the fancy cars. These aren’t just any cars; they’re high-end models, worth


Opium, Afghan ban and the West: A love triangle that catches the world’s attention

For two decades, the West has seen Afghanistan’s opium business as a big problem. It’s been responsible for most of the world’s heroin, causing addiction

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Pakistani dramas are Going too far with their r*pe & violent stories

Pakistan’s drama industry thrives on controversy and shock value, and it seems to be leading the charge with its insensitivity towards sensitive topics. Let’s get

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Ali Shan Bin Sohail takes Sohni Mahiwal on the international stage in Dubai

ProperGaanda interviewed a theatre director, actor and writer diving deep down into the theatre industry of Pakistan and whether it’s growing or coming to a

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This duo is keeping us entertained with back to back hits and this time it is ‘Bandhan’

In a candid conversation with ProperGaanda, the famous duo Hassan & Roshan took us down the road of the making of ‘Bandhan’ music video. The

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The MPO: A Remnant of The Raj

Regressive Laws are as detrimental to society as lawlessness on its own would be. The Punjab Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance, 1960 is one such law. This article is an attempt to remind readers and law-makers, should they accept to read, of the bleak history of preventative detention orders in the Indian subcontinent.

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“Mai aik akela panchi hun”, said my dad, a long time ago. As we grow up, we often realize that our parents were right all

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Dear Pakistani men, it’s okay agar daal mein namak thora kam hai

“Daal mai namak kam tha toh abbu ne ammi ka haath tordia!” Food holds a special place in Pakistani culture, with its diverse and rich

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There are men outside, waiting for us, “protecting us” jo hum pe nazar rakhey huay hain. Nazar mat rakho, nazar hatado.  I graduated from a