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Lahoriyon Khaaney ke ilawa koi activity nhi? Winterland has finally opened its doors

The famous go-to place for Karachites has finally opened its doors in Lahore. Winterland is the first ever indoor snow park that has been officially

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Wifi shutdown across the city forces Lahoris to finally talk with their parents

In a stunning turn of events, the entire city of Lahore was thrown into chaos when the Wifi mysteriously shut down. People were left staring


Islamic law of physics where Newton observes pardah

In Pakistan’s world of textbook reviews, where common sense often takes a backseat, we recall an extraordinary incident unfolded. It involved none other than the

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Fans are upset after Marvel announces the death of Ms. Marvel in the upcoming comic

Marvel Studios has spilled beans on its plan to kill the character of Ms. Marvel in its upcoming comic book. The #26 comic book of

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Have you been stress eating or binge eating?

Many of us have experienced eating a lot during some mood swings as we binge eat or stress eat or sometimes, we don’t eat at

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Subway – Why our go to place for a slightly healthy lunch isn’t the same anymore?

Subway, once a go-to place for a slightly healthy lunch, has experienced changes that have altered its appeal for some customers. There are a few

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Irresponsible storytelling – not giving trigger warnings before certain content

Responsible storytelling involves recognizing the potential impact of certain content on individuals and providing appropriate trigger warnings or content advisories. However, it’s unfortunate to hear

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North Ghoomna hai but struggling to plan the trip? Here are 5 businesses offering the best summer trip packages

Summer calls for a fun packed trip to North with friends and family. But many people have a hard time planning such a trip. Therefore,

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5 local businesses in Lahore making fresh peach desserts because seasonal fruit is the best

Peaches are in season and while they are super delicious on their own, they can me made into some of the most delicious, mouth watering

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Can’t find any classics on Netflix? Here are 5 websites where you can watch free hd movies

Movies are the most basic form of entertainment. There are numerous streaming services nowadays offering premium packages of subscription to watch movies and tv shows.