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7 scrumptious breakfast to make on Mother’s Day that will keep her happy throughout the day

A fresh take on a classic French toast. They’re golden brown on the outside and warm, gooey in the center. Ingredients:- 2 eggs 1/8 cup

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Here Are 9 Movies To Watch If You Want A Mother’s Day Movie Marathon

On the special occasion of Mother’s Day, what better way to celebrate and honor the incredible women in our lives than by sitting down together

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Artisan Coffee Roaster – Lahore’s premium café offering a delectable, caffeine-induced workplace

Many of us have been to good cafes like Starbucks, Costa or Tim Hortons that have succeeded in establishing a great environment for working while

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Accept it – we have all been pressurized by our families. Whether it’s about taking care of your “beauty”, career paths, or settling down with

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Struggling to find good horror series on Netflix? Here are 5 shows that’ll keep you up all night

Netflix is our go-to streaming service when it comes to movies and TV shows. But most horror fans like myself, always seem to be complaining

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These 7 Pakistani dramas are a nostalgic trip for millennials

Early Pakistani dramas marked a significant milestone in the country’s entertainment industry, shaping the landscape of television programming and captivating audiences with their compelling narratives.

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Green Entertainment – Should we anticipate a revolution in the Pakistani Drama Industry?

Pakistani dramas have always been appreciated throughout the world. Although our films have a long way to go in terms of making business and gaining

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To all the horror fans, here are 5 Horror films releasing this year that you should look out for

Movies are an integral part of our life as they’re a great source of entertainment. However, most horror movie fans are usually upset about the

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Why Meera has 0 fucks to give?

You often see Pakistanis making a mockery of someone’s English as we are still in a colonial hangover. We expect people to be fluent in