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Did we push Rushaan off the edge?

“It’s only when someone around your age dies that it hits you how important it is to be kind and compassionate and empathetic towards the

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LACAS Observes Black Day After FIR Lodged Against The School

LACAS Burki announced that is would remain closed on 22nd November, 2018 on account of an unjustified campaigns to damage the reputation of the school.

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ثاقب نثار کی حسین نقی سے بداخلاقی

حسین نقی–صحافت کی دنیا میں ایک جانا پہچانا اور قابل عزت نام نومبر 17، ء2018 کو سپریم کورٹ لاہور میں پنجاب ہیلتھ کیئر کمیشن بورڈ

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The Deadliest attack in Recent Years Hits Afghanistan

In one of the deadliest attacks this year, 50 people were killed as a suicide bomber targeted religious celebration in Kabul on Tuesday. The attack

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Viral Video: Pakistani killed in China. What’s the truth?

A video of a Pakistani student being killed in case of honour killing in China, took social media by storm. The video depicted a person

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SC Constitutes Larger Bench for New JIT in Model Town Case

On Monday, the Supreme Court formed a larger bench for the formation of Joint Investigation Team (JIT), to probe the Model town case. A two-judge

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The Naya Punjab: The Rule of Buzdar?

Punjab has always been considered the Kaliningrad of PMLN. After so long it refused to prove itself. PTI has taken charge of it. Being the

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Sanam Maher on Her Debut Book “The Sensational Life and Death of Qandeel Baloch”

Journalist Sanam Maher was always intrigued by the sensation that was Qandeel Baloch, but when the news of Baloch’s death rang across the country, Maher