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I spent my childhood in Saudi Arabia and it feels like I am missing out on a lot now

Nostalgia is subjective to each individual. We always say that everyone has a special attachment to the place where they are born. Regardless of any

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From baking pretzels to pakoras, this home-based German baker is a hidden gem of Karachi

Angelika Schwarbäcker’s journey from southern Germany to Karachi, Pakistan, is a tale of culinary passion and cultural fusion. Through her delectable creations, she brings a


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In today’s digital world, coming up with new ideas and being creative has become super important for businesses to thrive. That’s where ProperGaanda and PG


Opium, Afghan ban and the West: A love triangle that catches the world’s attention

For two decades, the West has seen Afghanistan’s opium business as a big problem. It’s been responsible for most of the world’s heroin, causing addiction

Climate Change

American Business Council Celebrates Pakistan’s first ESG Excellence Awards

Karachi, Pakistan – August 31, 2023 – The American Business Council (ABC) in Pakistan announced the 1st Annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Awards ceremony

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Pakistani dramas are Going too far with their r*pe & violent stories

Pakistan’s drama industry thrives on controversy and shock value, and it seems to be leading the charge with its insensitivity towards sensitive topics. Let’s get

Climate Change

Nestlé at the Forefront of Water Stewardship Efforts in Pakistan

One of the greatest challenges of our times is the sustainable water management. For Pakistan, this is of special concern as it is one of

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Aspirations for a water-wise irrigation sector: Nestlé and LUMS commemorate World Water Week

In commemoration of World Water Week, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and Nestlé organized a panel discussion on innovative irrigation solutions to decrease water

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We visited Lahore’s hidden bakery whipping up insta-famous desserts (that too in a pretty clean environment)

Lahoris are all about finding new bakeries and trying out the latest food trends. But as a Lahori, I always tend to struggle with finding


“Labaik ya Rasool Allah” is enough to burn down the whole country over alleged accusations

In recent times, Pakistan has experienced a noticeable surge in strong religious feelings, which have frequently led to significant protests, public displays, and, at most