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Is the trend of luxurious Eid attire dying?

The approach of Eid ul Adha has us yearning for fabulous yet affordable suits. But gone are the days when luxury designer labels used to

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Pakistan and its power politics

Yesterday, I saw a fallen jewel in the crown of Imran Khan, Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan speaking to a news channel saying that the former


Vaping vs smoking: Which is the lesser of two evils for the cool kids?

Let’s talk about Gen-Z smoking and pretending to look cool, but trust me, you are putting your life in danger. That is not cool! Teenagers

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Is Outfitters alluring its customers with pretty photoshoots?

Recently, Outfitters, a popular clothing brand, held a sale that caught the attention of many customers, myself included. With the noticeable increase in Outfitters’ regular

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9 O’Clock news: Pakistan tareekh ke ek ‘nazuk mor’ se guzar raha hai

Pakistan is once again on a ‘Nazuk mor,’ the government is busy taking revenge on its only political rival, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, using state machinery

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Military Courts: What is it all about?

In recent days, there is a debate regarding military courts and the consequences of trying out civilians and the legality around that. For any part

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Dear Pakistani brands: Where should all the plus size people go?

Fashion is a powerful form of expression but when it comes to Pakistan there has been a lack of diversity in size representation. Despite the

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Tomato ketchup & Pakistanis- It’s a love story

Let’s face it. We are a food-obsessed nation. Food is not nutrition for us; it is entertainment, lifestyle and religion ALL rolled into one. “What

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Who made removal of body hair a beauty standard for women? 

From the time we were young teenagers, mainly girls, we were always told to wax our body hair. Hair removal for aesthetic enhancement of women’s

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PTI leaders are rapidly resigning from the party, is this a blessing in disguise?

The ticket holders and party leaders who are leaving the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf at such a time when Imran Khan and his party are under heavy