PIA’s passengers turned the plane into a literal dust bin

PIA’s passengers turned the plane into a literal dust bin

November 24, 2021 0

What happened:

A viral video on social media shows PIA’s plane full of trash. The flight was scheduled to leave from Islamabad to London and was an international flight, not a domestic one. PIA’s flight number PK-975 was turned into a garbage bin as passengers threw used packages and other items. The spokesperson for Pakistan International Airline claimed that usually, people take “good” care of the plan, but not this time.

Image credits: Dunya News.


The spokesperson of the national airline has urged the passengers to take care of the plane. However, the PK-975 was delayed due to the time taken for cleaning. The pictures and videos circulating on social media show the trash thrown on the plane, by the passengers. PIA’s administration has urged the passengers to especially take care of cleanliness while they travel. They have also requested passengers to behave in a much better way.

Image credits: IG News
Rana Abdullah Hammad
Rana Abdullah Hammad
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