PG Media is run by a marketeer, a dentist and a creative junkie – we’re a small team with a big vision!

We got tired of the way content was being curated and consumed in Pakistan, so we challenged ourselves to change it. Our content strategy is simple: we don’t run away from issues other people are afraid to talk about! We want our audience to be aware and informed. And if there is one thing we don’t believe in, it’s clickbait content.

We launched in August 2017 and since then we have been mentioned in The New York Times and interviewed by Pakistan Today. We were incubated with Pakistan’s leading tech incubator, Plan9, in 2018.

We produce written and visual content based on politics, entertainment and satire on a daily basis. Our aim is to highlight a more progressive and positive side of Pakistan, while still being critical when the need arises (which happens often).

We’re telling your story!

ProperGaanda, PG Media’s content platform, has more than 8 million impressions per month!

After producing its PG Short ‘E-Diction’ on the addiction of e-sports, ProperGaanda curated the second part of E-Diction in collaboration with Mountain Dew.

ProperGaanda partnered with Dasani for their Unsung Heroes campaign to design a 3 month rounded digital media campaign to amplify and maximise the content reach and impact.

PG Media has also worked with brands like Kayseria and Coca Cola to curate white branded content

For collaborative content reach us at

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