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Sadness vs Depression

Sadness is a normal reaction to a loss, disappointment, problems, or other difficult situations. Of course, being sad is not a good thing but feeling

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Accept it – we have all been pressurized by our families. Whether it’s about taking care of your “beauty”, career paths, or settling down with

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Hundred pounds of cooked pasta found in New Jersey river

What happened: At Old Bridge in New Jersey, hundreds of pounds of cooked pasta have been found in a river basin. Details: Most of the

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Drugs are being sold openly in Vancouver

What happened: On Wednesday, in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, a man named Jerry Martin is operating the only known brick-and-mortar store where heroin, cocaine, meth, and

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The reality of delivery riders in Pakistan

Are we as a society becoming less considerate towards our innocent riders? Or is it the craving for food people have that outdo the fact

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Here’s why Rishta Aunty Culture is so messed up

Rishta Aunties are a big part of the desi community. We all had an encounter with them at least once in a lifetime. Rishta culture

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“Ye kia Bollywood Day mana rahay?” The country says while praising ‘blockbuster’ Pathaan

While Pakistanis know how to make absolutely unnecessary content go viral, we come across another trend of #BanLums on Twitter and Instagram whilst students enjoy

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Our undercover agent ‘Major Adnan Sami’ has (once again) gone bonkers

What happened: On November 14, music composer Adnan Sami took to his Twitter account where he threatened to ‘expose the reality of the Pakistan establishment.’

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Highlights from FC’s play Tasawur-E-Bandish highlighting the misogynistic mindset!

What happened: Forman Christian College University held their Dramafest 2022. Team Tasawur-e-Bandish highlighted an important issue in our society through their theatrical performances. More: Lead

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‘You are supporting freedom of press now but during your tenure it was curbed,’ Oxford law student calls out Imran Khan

What happened: Murtaza Ali Shah, a GEO News reporter, took to his Twitter account on October 25 where he shared a video from Imran’s talk