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Explainer: What is the Army Act, and how does it violate democracy?

After the incidents of 9th May, the military and the government vowed to try the vandals under the Army Act and the official secrets act,

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Explainer: What is this MPO under which so many people are being arrested?

What is this MPO? MPO stands for Maintainance of Public Ordinance, it came into force in 1960 when the military dictator Ayub Khan was in

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Inhumane living conditions force overseas citizen to cancel her admission from this medical college in Lahore

What happened: Anum Qaiser, an overseas Pakistani medical student at the Ameer-ud-Din medical college Lahore, withdrew her admission from the MBBS program shortly after the

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Half fry: here’s how the police conduct their extra-judicial business

PG Exclusive: We were contacted by an informer from Lahore who claimed that the police from the Anarkali police station had illegally arrested his family

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Court shows displeasure against Bushra Bibi, but why?

What happened: Today, the former first lady, Bushra Begum attended a hearing at the Lahore High Court in the Al-Qadir trust case and was granted

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Money lender shot dead by police officer in Kampala

What happened: A Money lender was shot dead by a police officer who was due to fly out of the country tomorrow for a holiday.

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Will Imran Khan be spending tonight in Adiala Jail?

What happened Previously: Can Imran Khan be arrested again today? This is a question that may be on some minds. So what has happened till

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Hundred pounds of cooked pasta found in New Jersey river

What happened: At Old Bridge in New Jersey, hundreds of pounds of cooked pasta have been found in a river basin. Details: Most of the

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Drugs are being sold openly in Vancouver

What happened: On Wednesday, in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, a man named Jerry Martin is operating the only known brick-and-mortar store where heroin, cocaine, meth, and

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Woman involved in ‘committee money scam’ moves Karachi court to seek protection

Details: A Karachi woman named Sidra Khalil Humaid was accused of being involved in a Rs420 million ballot committee scam. The case took a turn