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Nawaz Sharif Arrested In Ties To Sugar Mills Case

The former Prime Minister has been detained by the NAB and will be presented in front of an accountability court today The National Accountability Bureau

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Drugs And Torture: Saad Rafiq Says NAB Working Against Him

PML-N MNA Khwaja Saad Rafiq alleges that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is using drugs and torture as tools for extracting ‘favourable’ statements from the

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Imran Khan Gave A Detailed Interview, This Is What You Need To Know

This piece has been contributed by our featured writer Muneeb Khan.   Prime Minister Imran khan gave a detailed interview to a panel of journalists


مراد سعید کی سو روزہ کارکردگی پر پریس کانفرنس

ریاست و مواصلات کے وزیر مراد سعید نے منگل کو یہ دعوی کیا ہے کہ قومی ہائی وے اتھارٹی نے حکومت کے پہلے 100 دنوں

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PM Imran Khan’s sister among Pakistanis owning properties in Dubai

According to a report submitted to the Supreme Court by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), several prominent government officials and politicians own “nameless” properties in Dubai.


فریال تالپور کو سندھ ہائی کورٹ کی طرف سے نوٹس

سندھ ہائی کورٹ نے پیر کے روز پیپلز پارٹی کی رکن صوبائی اسمبلی اور آصف علی زرداری کی ہمشیرہ فریال تالپور کو 90 بلین روپے


International Cricket Spot Fixing

A recent criminal case has been discovered in the international cricket industry. Reportedly more than 24 matches have been fixed on an international scale. According

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Punjab University’s ex-VC Appearing Handcuffed in Court Raises an Outcry

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chief, Justice Javed Iqbal and Chief Justice Pakistan, Saqib Nisar have taken notice of and ordered action against the officials who brought

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Is Nawaz Sharif Wiggling His Way Back to Power by Chairing a PML-N Meeting Today?

Ex-premier and the very much still disqualified Nawaz Sharif is all set to resume political activity following the arrest of his little brother Shahbaz Sharif


Dr. Imran Shah Seems to Be in Deeper Trouble Than He Was 24 Hours Ago

PTI MPA Dr. Imran Ali Shah has been the subject of much debate around VIP culture, bureaucratic privilege and the state of justice in Naya