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Top 5 News Stories You Need To Know

The army has announced that the death toll has risen to 5 for the Gwadar attack 4 hotel employees, 3 staffers and a security guard,


Top 5 News Stories You Need To Know

3 gunmen attacked Pearl Continental Gwadar on Saturday Just a few days after the Data Darbar terrorist attack, Pakistan witnessed another attack on its soil.

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We Were Asked To Take Down Our Article About Aga Khan – Here’s Why We Haven’t

Yesterday, we posted an opinion piece about a student at Aga Khan who has allegedly been filming female students in the bathroom. We were asked

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Armeena Khan’s Tweet Highlights the Bigger Problem of Victim Bashing

Pakistani actress Armeena Khan is quite vocal about her views on Twitter – and it usually works out for the best. Armeena Khan’s response to

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You All Know Meera, But Do You Really?!

Meera Khan started her illustrious career at the young age of 10, when she appeared in a TV commercial. And since then, she has just


5 Escapades That You Might Want to Remember Meera For

We all know Meera, Pakistan’s very own diva, unparalleled in both beauty and eloquence. We know about many of her escapades; being such a talented,