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Taliban terms Human Rights Commission as ‘unnecessary’ before dissolving it 

What happened: The Taliban led Afghan government has now dissolved five major departments of the former US-backed government, including the Human Rights Commission, as they

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Series of bans: Taliban restricts women and men from dining together in Herat 

What happened: Riazullah Seerat, the Taliban official at the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice Ministry, announced that the authorities had instructed men and

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Taliban government plans to ‘force’ Afghan women to wear veil 

What happened: In a recent development, as BBC reported that the Taliban-led Afghan government now has plans to force a face veil on Afghan women.

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Deadly blast targets boys high school in Shia Hazara neighborhood, Kabil 

What happened: At noon on April 19, the Basht-e-Barchi neighborhood was targeted by unknown assailants. Two blasts were reported in the area, targetting a boys’

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Taliban ban women from traveling abroad without male relatives, calling it a ‘cleaning operation’ 

What happened: On March 1, the Taliban spokesman Zaihullah Mujahid announced a ban on women traveling alone without the presence of a male relative. Publications

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Afghan universities reopen with segregated classes and female students report ‘some difficulties’

What happened:  On February 26, Al Jazeera and Bangkok Post reported the development of Afghan universities reopening in the country reportedly after a gap of

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“Despite non-stop rescue efforts” Afghan boy trapped in well dies

What happened: On February 18, a 5 year old Afghan boy died after he was found trapped in a well for three days. The minor

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Turkey to send 700 tons of food and clothing in a bid to evade humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

What happened: On January 19, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey would send a charity train carrying aid for the citizens of Afghanistan. Tayyip Erdogan also

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In a bid to make the country drug-free, Afghan agents pour 3,000 liters of alcohol in Kabul canal

What happened: On January 2, a team of Afghan intelligence agents arrested three liquor dealers after pouring more than three thousand liters of liquor into

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“#LetAfghanGirlsLearn”: 100 days of girls education banned in Afghanistan

What happened:  On the 15th of August 2021, the Taliban took over Afghanistan and a day later, they entered the presidential palace in Kabul. On