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FIA facing criticism for overstepping mandate after declaring Meesha Shafi guilty of ‘vilification’ drive against Ali Zafar

What happened: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has declared singer Meesha Shafi and eight others “guilty” of running a vilification campaign on social media against

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Saba Hameed Testifies In Meesha Shafi’s Case

Amid confusion and misinformation surrounding the Meesha Shafi defamation case, ProperGaanda was contacted by Shafi’s legal team with the first witness statement in the trial

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Woman Retracts Sexual Harassment Allegation Against Ali Zafar

A woman by the name of Sofi, (twitter: @seraphina444), had accused Ali Zafar of harassing a young girl last year, just a few hours after

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We Were Asked To Take Down Our Article About Aga Khan – Here’s Why We Haven’t

Yesterday, we posted an opinion piece about a student at Aga Khan who has allegedly been filming female students in the bathroom. We were asked

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Kashmir Challenges Societal Gender Roles With It’s New TVC

In a world where every brand is bent on making ads featuring dance numbers, it is refreshing to see a local brand release a TVC

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A Timeline of the Development of #MeToo in Pakistan

The #MeToo movement seems to have imploded in India since Tanushree Datta came forward with allegations against Nana Patekar. Since then, the movement has reminded


5 Things You Need To Know About The Ali Zafar And Patari Debacle

Following the widely publicised Patari fiasco, Ali Zafar has made it into the headlines again.  Both Patari and Ali Zafar have received a fair amount


Meesha Shafi vs. Ali Zafar | Round Two

On April 19th, infamous actor turned singer Meesha Shafi took the media world by storm by publishing a sexual harassment statement against international “rock star”


More Women Speak out Against Ali Zafar as the Industry Scrambles to Make Sense of the Claims

A day after Meesha Shafi leveled allegations of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar, several other women have come forward making claims against the singer. This


Meesha Shafi Just Accused Ali Zafar of Sexual Harassment – Here is What We All Need to be Mindful Of

A week ago the Khalid Bajwa sexual harassment scandal divided public opinion as to the narrative of perpetrators in powerful positions. Some stood by Bajwa,