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This ‘Big Mac’ enthusiast just made a world record of eating the burger every day for 50 years

What happened: According to Guinness World Records, a 68-year-old man named Donald Gorske, who hails from Wisconsin in the Midwest, celebrated his 50th anniversary of

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North Carolina riders had to hold on upside down for 45 mins after roller coaster stopped midway

What happened: A roller coaster at Carowinds amusement park in North Carolina, US, abruptly stopped working, leaving riders upside down for 45 minutes. They ended


Schoolteacher tests positive for Covid mid-flight and isolates herself for 5 hours in the bathroom

What happened: A Michigan school teacher named Marisa Fotieo was on an Iceland-bound flight from Chicago before she tested positive for Covid-19. Marisa Fotieo is

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American father shot daughter mistaking her for an intruder

What happened:  On the 29th of December, a Columbus father shot his 16 year old mistaking her for an intruder after the security alarm of

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Long lost sisters finally reunite after 73 years of separation

What happened: The two American sisters living in different states were not told by their parents that they were sisters. After realising that their DNA

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American man confronts his high school bully after 35 years

What happened:  A Texas man confronts his childhood bully, a Houston-area school superintendent, in court. A Texas man named, Greg Barret who attended the Katy

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The Government of Pakistan seeks explanation from HBO Axios over censorship of PM’s interview

What happened: PM Imran Khan’s comments regarding India’s Hindutva Ideology in the interview by Jonathan Swan of HBO Axios seem to be missing from the

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Covid-19 has taken more lives in the US than 9/11

According to US state and county health agencies, the coronavirus death toll in America has crossed 3,000 – a number which is unfortunately much higher

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Pentagon admits 11 US troops wounded in Iran attack

The US central command revealed that eleven US soldiers were injured in an Iranian attack on an Iraqi base where US soldiers were deployed. What’s

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Meng Wanzhou Arrest: Huawei At The Centre Of Trade War

In the latest episode of the US-China Trade war a business tycoon has been tangled in the financial war of the two powers of the