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7 things you need to know about the Paris Riots

Emmanuel Macron, President of France, is set to hold an emergency meeting with senior ministers on Sunday in the aftermath of riots that turned violent.

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This is why #ShameOnFIA is trending on Twitter

#ShameOnFIA has been trending on Pakistani twitter for a day now. The hashtag came as a result of two of the leaders of Pushtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM)

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Another Case of Child Abuse: When Will We Speak Up?

Child abuse is an open secret in Pakistan. Nearly 2/3 of all children in Pakistan go through some form of sexual abuse/assault. And the issue

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The Toils and Travels of Nawaz and Maryam – A Quick Summary

Ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and daughter Maryam Nawaz are set to arrive in Pakistan later today to face the music. The father-daughter duo are both