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5 underrated Pakistani artists who are taking the local art scene by storm

As a nation Pakistanis are notorious for not appreciating raw talent until it has gone global. This is especially true when it comes to art

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Details: Rashid Rana, the creator of the exterior of Pakistan Pavilion, once again brings a unique large scale installation to the people of Karachi. Rana’s

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A Shakespeare festival in NZ won’t receive any funding for promoting ‘imperialism’

What happened: The long-running Shakespeare festival in New Zealand won’t be receiving financing this year due to the school program’s reliance on a genre that

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In a first, Pakistani film ‘Joyland’ by Saim Sadiq is premiering at the Cannes film festival

What happened: This year, the Cannes Film Festival selected ‘Joyland’, a feature film by Pakistani filmmaker Saim Sadiq, to be premiered at the famous annual

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2 Pakistani artists made it to the final round to win South Asia’s biggest art prize

What happened: Two Pakistanis have advanced to the final stage of the 2022 Sovereign Asian Art Prize, South Asia’s largest art prize. From over 400

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Karachiites owe their heritage to this Jewish architect

Who was Moses Somake? He was an Iraqi Jewish architect who was born in Lahore on June 6, 1875. He lived in Karachi for much

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This Filipino sailor trims his hair to create (mind-blowing) portraits out of it

What happened: A Filipino seafarer named Jesstoni Garcia trims his hair using electric clippers every few months to create portraits of musicians and actors. The

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5 Things Art and Music Lovers Can Do in Lahore This Week 

Here is a list of 5 exciting activities you can do with friends this week in Lahore!

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Art Galleries of Islamabad That Spark Wonder

Have you seen these art galleries in Islamabad? These 3 art galleries in Islamabad are a breakthrough in the world of art in Pakistan because

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5 Fun and Out Of The Box Things To Do With Friends This Weekend In Karachi

Want to do something exciting this weekend? Here are top 5 picks of fun and out of the box activities to try with friends this