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Art Galleries of Islamabad That Spark Wonder

Have you seen these art galleries in Islamabad? These 3 art galleries in Islamabad are a breakthrough in the world of art in Pakistan because

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9 resin trays that are right out of a Pinterest decor board

Art comes in many different forms and one of them is resin art. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but most art pieces made using

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9 Insanely Talented Henna Artists in Islamabad That Need to Be Booked for Chaand Raat

The one thing that eid and weddings have in common is that they’re both incomplete without henna. And since eid is right around the corner,

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Wasfa Kamal honours exceptional Pakistanis through her illustrations

Wasfa Kamal is a young artist who is challenging cultural and societal stereotypes through her art. On 1st June, Wasfa shared an illustration of Arfa

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NCA student speaks out about art theft

What happened: Art theft in Pakistan is more common than we realise. In recent news, a visual artist from Iran, based in Lahore spoke out

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Art will pay the bills: Fitoor, an online marketplace assisting local artists to sell their artwork.

What is Fitoor: Fitoor is an online marketplace based in Karachi which provides a platform for local artists to sell their artwork with the comfort

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Noormah Jamal and Haider Ali Naqvi receive the Imran Mir art prize

Imran Mir Art Foundation announces its winners for 2019 Running its fourth cycle of the Imran Mir art prize, the Imran Mir Art Foundation announced

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Artist From Islamabad Illustrates Pakistan’s First Team Of Superheroes

Umair Khan’s rendition of Pakistani superheroes is trending on Twitter and for good reason- the artist is giving Pakistan its very own squadron of extremely


7 Things to Look Forward to in Coke Studio Season 11 if You are Unhappy With the Rendition of Faiz’s Classic

Mid-summer brings the anticipation of 14th August and Coke Studio. Over the years Coke Studio had been expanding its platform to be more diverse. Past