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The history of banned films and censorship of cinema in Pakistan

In the name of free speech, we’re calling for cinema censorship. What you need to know: Cinema is considered the greatest art form in the

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Kite Flying Association, Rawalpindi to celebrate Basant Mela this year despite government’s ban

What happened: Despite the government’s ban, the Kite Flying Association Rawalpindi announced on Jan 17 that they will celebrate Basant festival on Feb 11 and

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Film actor, Shaan asks Prime Minister to protect “cultural borders” by banning Indian content

What happened: Pakistani film actor, Shaan Shahid (@official.shaanshahid) took on his Twitter on Saturday, addressing Prime Minister Imran Khan in his tweet in which the

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India decides to ban cryptocurrencies

What happened: On late Tuesday, India’s parliament announced it would present a law to ban private cryptocurrencies and create a framework for a central bank-backed

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Arijit Singh takes a stand for Pakistani singers during a live concert

What happened: Arijit Singh (@arijitsingh), the Indian singer ended his live performance with a sold-out show in Abu Dhabi. He stunned the audience by speaking

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PTA restores TikTok services once again

What happened: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) announced on Friday the restoration of TikTok’s service in the country. The Chinese social media giant guaranteed that it


Portugal bans bosses from texting their employees after work-hours

What happened: As part of new legislation known as the “right to rest,” supervisors in Portugal are prohibited from texting or emailing employees outside of

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Greece court bans halal slaughter and kosher

Details: On Tuesday, the Hellenic Council of State banned kosher and halal slaughter. Animal preparations like kosher and halal are essential to Jewish and Muslim