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#BringBackProperGaanda: Censorship limits important information

What happened: Media censorship is defined as the suppression of speech, communication, or any other significant information. The censorship of media in Pakistan is considered

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#OpenProperGaanda: Factual reporting considered against freedom of speech?

Details: The nation has survived, through various stages of military dictatorship, and through the so-called democracy, where there have been numerous bans on factual reporting.

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#OpenProperGaanda: Is reporting on the controversial TLP against the social media giant’s rules?

What happened: ProperGaanda has been quick at reporting swiftly, with keeping the facts intact regarding any matter that deeply concerns the nation, but has faced

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SHC orders suspension of TikTok for ‘spreading immorality’

What happened: On Monday, The Sindh High Court Monday ordered the Pakistan Telecommu­nica­tion Authority (PTA) to suspend access to TikTok, the popular video-sharing app, in


7 Times the Turbulence Was Way Too High on PIA

Regrettably, PIA has never exactly been a shining example of how an international airline should operate. Quite the contrary in fact – over the past


7 Extremist Political Parties Running For Elections

As the election day approaches, Pakistan’s major political parties are making the headlines day in and day out. However, there are a few far-right wing