Local court tells FIA to investigate money laundering case against Waqar Zaka ‘fairly’ after it produced ‘insufficient evidence’

What happened: In April, the Court of Civil Judge and Judicial Magistrate-IN Karachi admonished the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Cyber Crime Wing for bringing “inadequate”

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Despite the downtrend, Emirates announcess to accept Bitcoin payment and NFT trading on website 

What happened:  It is pertinent to mention that Bitcoin and digital currency witnessed a sharp fall in the past weeks. However, the United Arab Emirates

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Concerning: Bitcoin falls to lowest since January, as Stock Markets shows a downtrend 

What happened: With the unpredictability of cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin fell to its lowest since January, as the equity market’s slump continues to hurt digital currencies.

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Why Pakistan needs to embrace digital assets and cryptocurrency

What happened:  Earlier in 2021, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government had hinted at building two hydroelectric-powered mining farms as the hype around digital currency continues worldwide.

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Bitcoin scam resulted in thousands of Pakistanis losing 1 billion rupees

What happened: Samaa reported on the 25th of December that an application by the name of HFC Pak Trade Application scammed nearly 40,000 Pakistanis. On the pretext

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What Is Bitcoin And Why Do We Need To Talk About It?

Although bitcoin still sounds like a fantasy, a currency by the internet and for the internet, but its time we learn what it’s all about.

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China’s Bitcoin mining dominance imperils US Companies

China is the undisputed world leader in Bitcoin mining and U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration is getting concerned. The country currently controls over 70 percent

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Unlocking Key Encryption in One Handy Explainer

Key encryption is at the heart of cryptocurrency. It’s even in the name–the crypto part of cryptocurrency. Interest in digital currency is at an all-time


Blockchain and Cryptocurrency 101

If you have been following the finance world lately, you must have heard the following terms very frequently: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. But what are these


8 Things To Know About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a viral topic of discussion across social media platforms. But not many know what it really is. Here are 8 facts that will