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Birmingham University researchers find Muslims to be the second ‘least-liked’ group in UK

What happened: According to a new study by researchers at Birmingham University, Muslims are the second “least liked” community in the UK. The survey discovered

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‘My Muslim woman status was making colleagues uncomfortable,’ ex UK minister, Nusrat Ghani discloses why she was sacked

What happened: The Sunday Times reported on Jan 23 that ex British lawmaker, Nusrat Ghani claims she was sacked from a cabinet position in Prime

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This 10 year-old British-Muslim girl raised Rs95 lacs with her younger sister for the poor families of Thar

What happened: In a bid to help the poor families of Sindh, Haziqah, aged 10, and her five year-old sister, Khadeejah raised approximately £40,000. The

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A 44-foot pyramid made of 1,496 washing machines made a Guinness World Record

What happened: A British business, Currys PC World (@currys) set a Guinness World Record by building 1,496 recycled washing machines into a 44-foot pyramid. The aim behind