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Meesha Shafi requests to be cross-examined via video link from Canada; court issues notice to Ali Zafar

What happened: In a defamation suit filed by singer-actor, Ali Zafar, a sessions court issued a notice to him on Feb 2, following an application

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This Canadian Masters student won an award for promoting Muslim inclusion efforts in Quebec

What happened: On Jan 21, a masters student from McGill university, Sarah Abou-Bakr, won the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec (CCIQ) Memorial Award for her

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This Pakistani-Canadian journalist bought 136 year-old Ontario newspaper publication to fulfill ‘social responsibility’

What happened: On Jan 19, CBC reported a Pakistani refugee, Mohsin Abbas’ story who drove to a little village in southwestern Ontario when he discovered

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Canadian PM vows to fight against the Quebec law which banned a hijab-wearing teacher from her class

What happened: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’ office says that he has not “closed the door” on legal action against a Quebec law that costed

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Sikh volunteers deliver 3,000 meals to flood victims in Canada

What happened: Sikh volunteers from a Surrey Gurudwara worked hard to deliver 3,000 meals to flood victims in British Columbia, Canada. The flood: Massive floods