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Using hair straightening chemicals more than 4 times a year can double the risk of uterine cancer

What happened: On October 17, the Journal of the National Cancer Institute released a study which discovered a link between using hair straightening chemicals and

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US Judge threatens Muslim cancer sufferer jail time for having a messy yard

What happened: A Michigan Judge named Alexis G Krto’s video from the courtroom has gone viral in which the Judge is heard saying, “You should be

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Trial Vaccine Succeeds In Freeing Woman Of Breast Cancer

A woman in Florida becomes the first breast cancer patient to completely free herself of the disease thanks to a breakthrough in vaccines Lee Mercker

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These Stars Have Vowed to Fight Cancer – Will You?

People around the globe are celebrating World Cancer Day today, on the 4th of February 2019. This day aims to raise awareness for cancer and

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Johnson & Johnson knew for decades that its Baby Powder Caused Cancer

In 1999 a women named Darlene Coker sued multiple small pharmacies in her hometown along with the emerging Johnson & Johnson (J&J), claiming that their


Chef Fatima Ali Shares Her Touching Story About Her Battle With Cancer On The Ellen Show!

Season 15 Top Chef contestant Fatima Ali from Pakistan, recently revealed that she had been diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare bone and soft tissue


Cancer: A Doctor’s Perspective

Many people, especially the ones without knowledge of medical science, believe the word cancer to be synonymous with ‘end of life’. As doctors, when we