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Airline pilot files a complaint against Careem for calling its drivers ‘captains’

What happened: An airline pilot approached the court complaining to have faced “humiliation and disgrace” over sharing his job title with the Careem’s staff. As

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Woman reports verbal harassment at the hands of a Careem driver in Lahore

What Happened: In a twitter thread, woman describes her horrific Careem experience with a male captain who passed extremely sexists and uncomfortable statements. The Thread:

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Careem captain offers hash to passenger and gets 5 star rating

In hindsight, driving a Careem and dealing drugs on the side may not be the most ideal professional decision. But perhaps if you drive in

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Uber completes its acquisition of Careem

It was confirmed on Friday that Uber has officially completed it’s acquisition of Careem. According to a press release from Uber, “Careem Networks FZ-LLC has

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Uber and Careem drivers demand fixed profit during Karachi protest

KARACHI: Drivers of various ride-hailing apps mainly Uber and Careem on Monday protested outside Karachi Press Club, demanding they be paid a fixed profit as

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A Man Reveals How He Was Harassed By A Careem Captain

We’re all well aware of the plethora of harassment cases we hear about in our country on a regular basis. And a majority of us


Careem and Pepsi Surprised Bayaan Fans in the Best Way Possible

This Sunday after weeks of enticing musical performances from artists all over Pakistan, Pepsi Battle of The Bands finally announced a champion! Bayaan, the season


9 Things Hackers May Know About You Following Careem’s Data Breach

When an online platform that spans across 13 countries and holds data belonging to millions of customers announces that it has been hacked, it is