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Japanese researchers believe cats know the names of their owners

What happened: Japanese researchers have concluded in an experiment that cats associated the names of their companions with their faces without training and the experiment

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Cats helped save restaurant from going out of business in Covid-19 pandemic

What happened: A Japanese restaurant in Osaka named Diorama was opened right before the pandemic in 2018 and is a miniature railway model-themed ramen eatery.

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Cats held responsible for more than 100 house fires in South Korea

What happened: The Seoul Metropolitan Fire and Disaster Department on December 30 disclosed that cats were responsible for more than 100 house fires in South

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7 local stores where you can find Eid accessories for your pet friend

If you have ever had a pet, you realise just how quickly they become a part of your family. The little creatures of fur dig

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Indonesians are putting their cats in hijabs and it’s hilarious

The internet is obsessed with cats, fact. But now a new cat centric trend has popped up on Indonesian Twitter, where people are dressing their

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Science Suggests Your Cat Thinks Of You As Their Parent

Cats get a bad rep when it comes to interspecies relations with humans, often perceived as enigmatic, and arrogant- however, a new study indicates they


9 Reasons why this is the Most Viral Listicle Ever

Some things are famous, some are popular, and then there are some that are viral, and that really surpasses anything else. There are definitely some