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#BringBackProperGaanda: Censorship limits important information

What happened: Media censorship is defined as the suppression of speech, communication, or any other significant information. The censorship of media in Pakistan is considered

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Social media controversy erupts after authorities seize book containing Malala’s picture

What happened: On Monday, it was reported that Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) confiscated the social studies book for grade 7 published by the

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The Government of Pakistan seeks explanation from HBO Axios over censorship of PM’s interview

What happened: PM Imran Khan’s comments regarding India’s Hindutva Ideology in the interview by Jonathan Swan of HBO Axios seem to be missing from the

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Facebook’s Supreme Court: How and why?

Facebook as a social media app has expanded itself into every sphere of life dramatically. From political mobilization to cultural sensitivity, facebook has impacted our

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Pakistan Tops List Of Countries With Most Censorship Requests Sent To Facebook

Facebook has made 17,807 content restrictions worldwide and 31% of these requests were from Pakistan. According to Facebook’s transparency report released on Wednesday, 5,690 content

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Artists Demand Karachi Biennale To Support Adeela Suleman

The Creative Process Projects, an artist collective, called out Karachi Biennale for dismissing the destruction of Suleman’s public art piece, “The Killing Fields Of Karachi”

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Twitter Blocks Atleast A Million Tweets Regarding Kashmir On India’s Orders

Twitter has blocked around a million tweets relating to Kashmir on orders given by the Indian government, an investigation reveals The investigation, conducted by the

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Govt To Impose A Strict Web Monitoring System

The government will be using the services of an international company called ‘Sandvine’ to enforce a web monitoring system that will identify and block any

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Hundreds of People are Now Unemployed as Media Companies Downsize

According to latest reports, Pakistan’s biggest media house “Jung Group” has laid off hundreds of employees as part of on-going budget cuts. Along with employees,

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We Have SO Many Questions About Cyril Almeida’s Non-Bailable Arrest Warrant!

Journalist Cyril Almeida has found himself in grave trouble with the authorities in regards to an impending case of treason against him. According to a