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Will We Ever Hire The Differently-Abled?

Monday 3rd December, was the International Disability Day. A day to remind us that there are some who are differently abled and we must create


5 Ways It Is Becoming Increasingly Difficult to Be Differently Abled in Pakistan

The life of the differently abled is very challenging and difficult. The term has come to encompass a lot more than just a physical disability


آزادئِ اظہارِ راۓ اور گمشدہ افراد

  اقوامِ عالم کے حالات تقریباً 100 برس قبل نہایت خستہ حال تھے اور قومیت پرستی نے انسانی قدروں کو پامال کر رکھا تھا۔ جرمنی

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 5 Lesser Known Civil Rights You Need To Know About Right Now!

Martin Luther King was one of those revolutionary leaders who made people aware of their basic civil rights. All the great leaders of the world