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The Coca-Cola Company and Rizq Partner Up for a Hunger-Free Pakistan

According to the World Food Program, 80 million people in Pakistan are estimated to be food-insecure. This had been made worse during the pandemic, as

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“I’m disappointed that an organisation that professes and claim to promote music is the one stealing it” Farhad Humayun vs Coca-Cola

What Happened: Coca-Cola, a beverage company recently made an advertisement in which a popular song “Neray Aah” was used. There’s nothing wrong with the advertisement per

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How honest is the new Coca-Cola ad?

Coca-Cola is known for making family oriented ads and the most recent one is no exception. In the ad, a family is portrayed having dinner.


Coca-Cola Kyunnnn???????…..

Coca-Cola and Pepsi have consciously fought for their target markets and a monopoly on being the main cause of diabetes across the world! Their fights