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Check out these 5 fun events happening in Karachi this weekend

Here are our top 5 picks for exciting events happening in Karachi this weekend.

PG Bazaar

6 Fun Things to do in Lahore to Re-energize Yourself this Weekend

Too tired and drained this week? Here are 6 things you can do alone or with friends this weekend to boost your energy and take a break from your hectic routine.

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Trans Comedian Anaya Sheikh is back in the comedy circuit after a year break. She left comedy after a heckle incident in Lahore, 2019

What happened: Anaya Sheikh, a Trans comedian, is setting her foot back in the game after a year. Anaya has worked with feminist comedy group

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Imran Khan Urges International Community To Think Of Pakistan As A Donation Box

As the economic crises grows, Pakistani Prime Minister has appealed to Pakistani expats and anyone with money to basically think of Pakistan as charity box

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Shehzad Ghias Shares What it’s Like to Strive in the Face of Adversity

Comedian and thespian @shehzadghiasshaikh, shares a moving message with his fans on Sunday night. Scroll to read his full message


Goray Rang ka Zamana?

From Fair&lovely to Vital Signs’ “Goray Rang ka zaman”, it’s no secret that Desi population is obsessed with being fair and white. An ode to


9 Times You Will Be Given the Khataab of a Desi Liberal

A liberal, to put it very roughly, is the one who supports equality and freedom. Well, at least in theory, right? But for Pakistanis, stereotypes


ProperGaanda Stand-Up Comedy 2.0

On Saturday night, ProperGaanda presented its second stand up comedy event in Lahore. It was in collaboration with Olomopolo Media. The event was an instant


Deadly outbreak of MANSA Virus threatens city

NEWS ALERT: A city wide quarantine has been put into effect after a dangerous virus was accidentally released by an NGO that was operating underground-