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Why is PTV under hot waters for its Independence Day show?

What happened: On Aug 15, a day after Independence Day, national television channel, PTV took to their Twitter account sharing pictures and videos from their

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Karachiites owe their heritage to this Jewish architect

Who was Moses Somake? He was an Iraqi Jewish architect who was born in Lahore on June 6, 1875. He lived in Karachi for much

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Attempt to revive the lost culture Kotwal in Walled City Lahore faces repercussions from netizens

Twitter handle of the Walled City of Lahore Authority, recently released some pictures of guards patroling in a local market of Walled Lahore, attired in

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Hash dealers in Lahore make PKR 50,000 in a bad month during the pandemic – this is how they do it

Truth be told, it’s been a tough year for the world. But there are still those who are prospering and finding opportunity in these dismal

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Why are we craving for nostalgic films and music during the pandemic?

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we have found ourselves in the middle of a nostalgia frenzy. It seemed to permeate everything: nostalgia playlists on music streaming

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People in ghost costumes scaring the quarantine violators in a small town of Indonesia

What happened: A small town in Indonesia has reportedly using volunteers dressed as ghosts to try to scare people into social distancing over the coronavirus. 

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Lahore is a cesspool of people stuck in high school

As I lie in bed, still awake at 4 am, pulling the bobby pins out of my previously perfect Deepkia Padukone-esque hair bun, I mull

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Start-Up Culture in Pakistan: What Are We Doing Wrong?

Is startup culture just a buzzword? With the job market changing steadily and the increase in the number of people who prefer to be self-employed,

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Another Case of Minority Injustice Goes Unnoticed | ProperGaanda

This Christian woman was forced to convert, raped and paraded naked through the streets. Where is the accountability?

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Remembering Ahmed Faraz on his 88th Birthday

Remembering the late legendary poet Ahmed Faraz on his 88th birthday