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“Controlled Democracy” is not democracy, just saying

Background: On Monday National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser called a crucial meeting of the parliamentary leaders in the National Assembly and the Senate for a

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Imran Khan Gave A Detailed Interview, This Is What You Need To Know

This piece has been contributed by our featured writer Muneeb Khan.   Prime Minister Imran khan gave a detailed interview to a panel of journalists

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WAF Files a Reference Against CJP in an Act that Protects Democratic Sanctity

In a plus one for the often obscure beauty of democracy in Pakistan, the Women’s Action Forum (WAF) has filed a reference against the Chief

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ضمنی انتخابات اور حکومتی کارکردگی

ضمنی انتخابات 2018 کے نتائج کئی سیاسی ماہرین کی توقعات کے برعکس ہیں۔ لاہور اور بنو سے پی ٹی آئی کی شکست حکومت اور عوام

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Police Brutality in Peshawar Raises the Need to Un-ban Student Unions

An incident in Peshawar University has given rise to the occasional debate on the revival of student unions in Pakistan. Banned in 1984 under the Zia


Ghussal Khana Khappay | Part Seven

Remi is jerked back to reality by the shouts and commotion near the window. Within seconds he assesses the situation and realizes that there has


Ghussal Khana Khappay | Part Six

12:10 After Mak has told her of the whole plot to topple the government tonight, Shakira dabs a piece of tissue paper across her eyes


Ghussal Khana Khappay | Part Four

11:55 In a small hole behind the medicine cabinet, Bulgari the rat paces the entire length of his private suite (which isn’t much, to begin


Ghussal Khana Khappay | Part Three

The lizards had their heydays during the martial law regime of the ‘Big Three’ comprising of Bruno the bee, Lazarraf the lizard and Spindle the


Ghussal Khana Khappay | Part Two

‘Whoa!!!!! Have u ever seen anything like that?’ Remi breaks the silence. For once Gilly is left speechless. All around them, they can feel the