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Pakistani student faces discrimination at Royal Holloway University in London

A Pakistani student’s visa has been cancelled by the Royal Holloway University despite the fact that student met attendance requirements of the University after a

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British-Pakistani man discriminated by Czech system over Muslim faith

According to the lawyer of a British-Pakistani father fighting for custody of his two minor daughters in the Czech Republic, she has “no doubt” that

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Disabled Workers Protest Against Punjab Government’s Discriminatory Notice

The Punjab government has ordered officials to not hire staff on ‘contingent’ basis, resulting in a sit in by visually impaired workers Recently the Punjab

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Religious Discrimination Has Increased In Schools, Shows Report

A recently conducted report on links between education and inequality shows alarming levels of religion-based discrimination in educational institutions across the country The report calls

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Ex-ISC Judge: “Muslims Will Be Targeted Like Jews”

A former Indian Supreme Court Judge warns the Muslim minority in the country of ruling BJP’s wrath, says Muslims in India will be treated like

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This Residency Complex In Karachi Is Practicing Discrimination

A notice found at Block 6 of Machiyara Residency, Clifton forbids non-Muslims from coming in to purchase or rent property in the area. The images

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Our Colonial Legacy; How The Debating Circuit Looks Down Upon Urdu Debates.

Raza Gillani is a familiar name in the Lahori activist circle. Recently, he uploaded a Facebook status which took the Debating Community by storm. Being