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This 100 year-old neurologist is the oldest practising doctor

What happened: The oldest practising doctor in the world, Dr. Howard Tucker, is a 100 years old neurologist from Ohio, United States who says he

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Doctor and her husband saved a drowning boy in Naltar via on-spot emergency CPR

What happened: On June 14, a doctor and her husband gave emergency medical treatment to a 14 year-old boy  who had fallen in a lake

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Karachi doctor Dr Summaiya Syed aims to bring justice to every rape victim in the country

What happened: On April 3, Al Jazeera reported that a Karachi doctor, a woman medico-legal officer for 23 years, Dr Summaiya Syed, has vowed to

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Florida woman awarded $5.25 million by federal jury after she was inseminated by doctor

What happened: After being inseminated with her doctor’s sperm in 1977, a Florida woman named Cheryl Rousseau was awarded $5.25 million by the federal jury

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Sarah Gill makes history by becoming the first trans doctor in Pakistan

What happened: After completing her MBBS, Sarah said, “I want to tell the transgender community not to lose hope. If I can become a doctor, then

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Senior Doctors Negligence Results In Deaths Of Seven Newborns In Lahore

Senior medics at Jhang DHQ Hospital, Lahore have been found guilty for the deaths of seven newborns due to negligence In a confidential official report

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Doctor Asks Maulana Fazl ur Rehman To Shave, After Dari Reported To Be Infested With Tinkas | The Gaanda

After the Government, the armed forces and basically most of Maulana’s friend gave him a shutup a call on his planned halloween party, Maulana got

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Before You Hate on a Feminist, Look at These 21 Posters

Every year, women across the world celebrate International Women’s Day.  This year, Pakistan also witnessed the second iteration of the Aurat March that first took


The Clock & The Doctor

My hands overlap, pointing north: a silent prayer, a quiet reminder that the time is up. The sofa groans as a man vacates his seat;


A nurse from Vihari accuses doctor of harassment, gets fired herself instead.

Sharmeen Obaid’s latest tweets resulted in a doctor from Karachi’s prestigious hospital getting fired. This incident took the Pakistani cyber-space by surprise and also started