Would Pakistan’s failing economy push the government towards early elections?

What happened: Following Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s crucial discussions with several coalition members a day before, a decision on whether to hold an early election

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Reports claim, “Imran Khan directed spokesperson to say that there is no inflation in Pakistan”

What happened: On January 3 PM Imran Khan called a meeting of government spokesperson to discuss the media strategy. The News & Naya Daur’s report

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Liquor Manufacturing Plant To Be Established In Pakistan By Chinese Company

Hub: A license of permission has been afforded to a Chinese liquor company to construct and establish a manufacturing plant in Pakistan. Sources and reports

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Thousands of sacked steel mill workers block railway track in protest against government

The ex-employees of Pakistan Steel Mills blocked railway tracks during their protest near Bin Qasim, in Karachi, on Tuesday. Thousands of workers, some laying on

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Businesses to open five days a week with longer working hours – Punjab Govt.

The Punjab Government has officially permitted the opening of all markets, bazaars and businesses five days a week with longer working hours. The decision comes

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At $71 billion, India had the world’s third biggest military budget in 2019

In an annual report released on Monday, by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri), it was revealed that India’s military budget was the third

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Asian shares plunge as much as 10 percent amid coronavirus crisis

Shares dropped in Asia on Friday, with those in Japan, Thailand and India going down as much as 10 percent after Wall Street suffered its

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Hong Kong’s govt is giving $1,284 to every permanent resident over 18 to compensate for economic loss due to coronavirus

Hong Kong’s government announced it will give permanent residents 18 years and older a one-time payment of $1,284 as well as tax breaks for companies,

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IMF head says global economy risks return of Great Depression

The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that the global economy risks a return of the Great Depression, driven by inequality and financial

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10 Tweets You Need To Read This Labour Day

Labour day is more than just a holiday, it is a day marked by street demonstrations which showcase the strength of the labour force that