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Here’s the 411 on Naya Pakistan’s Maiden National Assembly Session

Monday’s National Assembly session – the 15th one to date – is being cited as the ‘dawn’ of Naya Pakistan by many on social media.


Did Hamza Ali Abbasi Mistake Hum Awards Stage for a PTI Rally Podium?

Hum TV awards this year were held in Toronto on the 28th of July and attended by several prominent TV stars. The show was a


The EU Smashes Impartiality of Pakistan’s Elections

Further doubt has been cast on an election that was already fraught with misgivings and apparent loopholes – this time by EU election observers. At


The First Hour of Election Day 2018 – Let the Games Begin!

The first vote was cast at 8.08am in Faisalabad. The second vote was reportedly cast in Lahore in NA-131. Thousands of voters have already swarmed